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Engineering and Project Management Services

River Consulting is a leading mid-major A/E to energy, food, process and industrial clients, providing engineering and project management services to companies around the globe.

River Consulting delivers complete A/E services to the energy industry with expertise in balance of plant integration, material handling systems, emission controls systems, dust suppression and control, electrical and control system integration, wastewater treatment, silo design and inspections, and marine and dock design.

Additionally, we are capable of delivering multiple projects, from single discipline design to providing EPC project delivery with key alliance partners. We recognize the challenging regulatory requirements and competitive economic climate the industry faces, and we work to create solutions tailored to each specific project's constraints.

Engineering and design specialty services

River Consulting serves the power generation industry by leveraging more than 30 years of experience to deliver complete solutions. We offer these services in a flexible manner, tailored to the specific standards and individual needs of each client. Our design specialties include:

Balance of plant integration:

  • Project management
  • Vendor coordination
  • OEM coordination
  • Process integration
  • Multidiscipline design

Material handling systems for products such as coal, limestone, gypsum, urea, ash and sorbent:

  • Feasibility studies, conceptual design and facility planning
  • Preliminary and final design
  • Conveyor system design
  • Silos, stacking tubes and ancillary buildings
  • Barge and marine facilities
  • Control systems integration and electrical services

Emissions controls and dust suppression:

  • Urea solution selective non-catalytic reduction systems
  • Dry sorbent injection for SO3 and Hg mitigation systems
  • Continuous mercury monitoring systems
  • Scrubber vessel design
  • Lime slaking system additions
  • SO2 scrubber piping design
  • Flue gas desulfurization (FGD) purge stream water treatment
  • SO2 scrubber instrumentation upgrade
  • Limestone handling system for FGD systems
  • Sorbent and urea handling and storage systems

Electrical and instrumentation services:

  • Control system design, programming and verification
  • Control / information systems integration
  • Back office interfacing and reporting
  • Power distribution system design
  • Motor controls and drives
  • Arc flash
  • Full function specifications and factory acceptance testing (FAT) testing
  • Equipment and panel supply
  • Onsite start-up and commissioning
  • Training and manuals

Specialty services for the power industry

Large ductwork


  • We have provided design for more than 50 silos designed for ash, coal, lime and cement
  • We have also provided more than 140 investigations for hundreds of silos in the US and abroad


  • Inland river ports
  • Floating docks
  • Rail-mounted cranes on barges
  • Expansion, conversion and repair
  • Dock Mounted traveling gantries
  • Loading and unloading systems
  • Structural assessments

Meeting regulatory requirements of the power sector

Electric utilities and the partners that serve them must deal with increasing regulatory pressures. They must justify capital improvements and complete those improvements more quickly and for less cost. They must position themselves to respond to industry trends, including fuel switching and blending, smart grid and distributed power, as well as cyber security.

River Consulting offers vast experience in all aspects of handling the highly regulated materials used by the fossil power generation industry. We are skilled in the systems that make up utility facilities, including emissions controls, water treatment, steam and process piping, high temperature ducts, and instrumentation and controls.

Complementary to our design expertise, we know how to seamlessly integrate process technologies from selected vendors into a plant and can provide complete system supply.

River Consulting can respond quickly to your project's operational and maintenance challenges, adapting our services to local practices and regulations as needed.

Complete A/E Services to the power industry

From coal to crude oil to natural gas, and from finished products to by-products, River Consulting provides complete project solutions for handling all of the materials and balance of plant systems found in the power industry. We work closely with our clients to design safe, effective solutions, and we deliver each project in a manner that respects the individual client's unique operating environment.

While there are many A/Es that serve the industry, our responsiveness and flexibility sets us apart. River Consulting can act in the following roles:

  • Owner's engineer
  • Engineer of record
  • Multidiscipline design engineering
  • Site and field services
  • Facility assessment and investigation

With expertise serving the client through all phases of a project including:

  • Front-end project development
  • Preliminary engineering
  • Project management
  • Detailed design
  • Procurement services
  • Construction management
  • Commissioning and start-up

Rockwell Solution provider

River Consulting is one of 53 Rockwell Solution partners in the US and Canada since the program inception in 2003. We were selected by Rockwell as a proven, trusted, and established organization, which offers extensive experience in the design, implementation, project management and maintenance of your industrial control systems, with innovative control and automation solutions to keep your processes online and in production.

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