Engineering, Production and Installation of Acoustic Cleaning Systems

Nirafon specialises in engineering, production and installation of acoustic cleaning systems and devices. For more than 20 years, we have been closely cooperating with research institutes and different industries. This cooperation forms the basis of our product development and gives us a firm background in producing practical solutions, with sonic soot blowers replacing pipe wearing soot blowing with steam, hammers or steel shots in boiler cleaning.

Acoustic cleaning of high-temperature boiler plants

The Nirafon Cleaning Sound Device (NCSD®) is an innovation for the acoustic cleaning of the high-temperature areas of boiler plants up to 1,500°C. NCSD cleaner keeps the heat transfer surfaces clean, even in areas where ashes are present in both molten and solid forms. The NCSD is suitable for use in furnaces and superheaters, as well as coal, peat, biomass or waste-fired energy plants.

Air-driven acoustic cleaners

The Nirafon acoustic cleaning system cleans the superheaters, economisers, air preheaters, flues, filters, SCR reactors, desulphurisation plants and fans of the boiler plants; it also prevents vaulting of particles in the silos and cyclones.

Economical acoustic cleaners for power plants

The Nirafon acoustic cleaning system removes particles from the surfaces by an acoustic pressure shock, which is repeated until the required results for the cleaning have been achieved. Our acoustic cleaning system is a combination of sonic horns, selected for each application separately, and automatically controlled equipment that optimises the cleaning results. The desired level of cleanness is constantly maintained and the process can continue without any interruptions.

The NCSD enables acoustic cleaning of the entire boiler plant. When the new NCSD cleaner is used at temperatures exceeding 800°C, and traditional pneumatic Nirafon acoustic cleaning is used in areas of lower temperatures, the advantages of acoustic cleaning are achieved in the entire power plant.

Benefits of acoustic cleaning systems

The Nirafon acoustic cleaning systems offer several distinct advantages as a superior and cost-effective alternative to conventional cleaning methods. They maintain plant efficiency at a high level.

Nirafon acoustic cleaning continuously removes soot, ash and particulate matter deposits from surfaces, preventing the formation of build-ups and maintaining heat-transfer efficiency in boilers, pressure drops in bag filters, and keeps vibration levels in fans at desired levels.

Uninterrupted acoustic cleaning for the power industry

Nirafon acoustic cleaning is a totally independent process that does not require any stoppages or interruptions in production. Being an 'online' process, it significantly reduces or even eliminates downtime and increases equipment availability. At the same time, Nirafon acoustic cleaning systems can be used during plant shutdowns to minimise the requirement of manual cleaning.

Our acoustic cleaning systems are fully automatic, with the operation controlled by means of an electrical control unit, with settings made to meet the specifications of the application. Once the system is switched on, no manual intervention is needed during its operation.

Gentle yet effective cleaning with acoustic cleaning solutions

Conventional cleaning methods, such as steam soot blowing into boilers, are known to cause erosion to the heating surfaces, leading to their premature failure. Similarly, manual hammering of walls causes damage to hoppers, bins and cyclones. Excessive use of compressed air pulses in bag filters causes high mechanical fatigue to the fabric leading to premature failure of filter bags.

The Nirafon acoustic cleaning systems perform the cleaning operation gently without causing damage and enhancing the life of the mother equipment as a result.

Compact acoustic cleaning systems

When compared with traditional alternatives, such as steam soot blowers for keeping the heating surfaces of the boiler clean, the Nirafon acoustic cleaning system offers a highly cost-effective solution.

Nirafon acoustic cleaning systems require compressed air for their operation, leading to much lower operating costs compared with traditional cleaning systems such as steam soot blowers, which consume substantial quantities of steam and result in costs significantly escalating. In addition, power consumption by Nirafon acoustic cleaning systems is minimal compared with conventional cleaning methods.

Having few moving parts, Nirafon acoustic cleaning systems require minimal maintenance, service or spare parts costs. Nirafon acoustic cleaning systems are compact and occupy much less space compared to conventional cleaning devices, such as long retractable soot blowers. This adds further to the cost-effectiveness of the our systems.

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