Electrical Surge Protection Solutions

Raycap is renowned for its core competency of providing cutting-edge solutions based on technological innovation. The electrical protection division develops, manufactures and supports advanced products for telecommunications, renewable energy, transportation, defence and other important applications.

Raycap is a worldwide organisation founded in 1987 with offices and production facilities throughout Europe and North America. The Electrical Protection Systems group is headquartered in Munich, Germany.

Protecting assets from electrical surges

Raycap's Electrical Protection group has decades of experience creating solutions that protect the world's most valuable assets. Its customers design and operate some of the most sophisticated, mission-critical equipment in existence. The company's job is to keep this equipment running seamlessly through any surges in voltage. Its team of talented, skilled, dedicated, highly experienced staff works with customers to find the best solution to meet their needs. Raycap is driven to make continual advances in the design and manufacture of its innovative world-leading surge protection technology, Strikesorb®.

Raycap has a global vision, and its products are certified by worldwide standards bodies. State-of-the-art testing facilities include a UL-test lab in the US and R&D labs in Europe, certified by IEC &VDE.

Raycap's outstanding reputation is built on performance in the field. Proof of the company's efforts can be found in its impressive list of satisfied customers. These organisations trust Raycap to provide solutions that meet their exact needs and protect their operations and investments.

Voltage surge protection products

Adding effective surge protection to any operation can easily be accomplished with Raycap surge protection products. With its Strikesorb Rayvoss® and ACData® product lines, Raycap provides solutions that protect its customers' operations and investments by eliminating all voltage surges that cause damage to equipment serving critical functions.

Electrical surge protection

Strikesorb is Raycap's flagship electrical protection technology. As a protective device, it is unparalleled in the market. It has a high-surge current capability, can withstand repetitive surges without ageing or failing, and consistently outperforms other surge protection technologies.

Strikesorb's innovative design provides direct connection (no fuses) in an environmentally sealed housing. It is available in various sizes including 80, 40, 35 and 30 millimeter, each with a variety of operating voltages. Strikesorb modules are fully recognised to UL 1449 3rd edition: 2005, and are compliant with IEC 61643-1 2nd edition: 2005. Strikesorb 35 is in full compliance with the new EN50539-11 standard for photovoltaic applications.

High-surge absorption technology for AC power applications

With Strikesorb 40 or Strikesorb 80 technology at their core, Raycap's Rayvoss systems provide a high-surge capacity without using internal thermal disconnect mechanisms. They offer unsurpassed protection for AC power to meet the needs of customers in industrial factories, telecommunications, power generation, defence, transportation and other mission-critical applications.

All Rayvoss systems conform to industry standards and are in full compliance with UL 1449 3rd edition. Rayvoss products can be customised with a variety of operating voltages and configurations, and are available in various enclosure sizes.

Remote radio head (RRH) protection

Equipped with Raycap's unique Class I MOV surge protection technology, Raycap's Remote Radio Head (RRH) solutions are used to protect RRH architectures worldwide. The specialised Fibre to the Antenna (FTTA) and Power to the Antenna (PTTA) products provide fibre and power cable management and connectivity solutions, as well as reliable DC power protection.

They can be custom designed and manufactured to fit a wide variety of mobile operator needs, RRH architectures, radio configurations, and cable diameters. All Raycap RRH connectivity and protection solutions conform to industry standards and are fully in accordance with IEC 61643-1 and UL 1449 3rd edition.

Conventional surge protective devices

Raycap also has a line of more conventional surge protective devices marketed under the ACData product brand. Raycap's ACData product line offers a wide array of AC, DC and signal power protection products that are targeted at industrial and telecommunication applications.

Signal protection solutions

Signal protection solutions offer protection from transient power surges for signal applications such as CCTV, RS-232/RS-422/RS-485, T1, Ethernet, Gigabit Ethernet, Power over Ethernet (PoE), Gigabit PoE, and other low-voltage signals. Raycap's ACData telco and data protection products have small footprints, high-surge current capacities, and are designed to meet IEC, IEEE, ANSI and R56 standards.

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