Emission Control Systems

Proventia is an international automation and environmental technology group. We develop solutions to clean emissions from engines and power plants, as well as production technology to increase the efficiency of manufacturing processes.

Our success is based on innovative, tailored solutions and a comprehensive service. We are continually developing new products and technologies to benefit our customers. Many leading companies in their own sectors have confidence in Proventia's versatile competence and extensive expertise.

Stationary and marine emission control systems

Today, when the whole world is continuously tightening emission restrictions both on land and at sea, a flexible first-class emission control system provider can be the key asset when engine manufacturers and users are securing their competitiveness.

Proventia is such an internationally operating emission control specialist, offering you leading emission control technology, tailored to your specific needs. Our stationary and marine R&D professionals have more than a decade's worth of experience in SCR system design and tailoring to meet various needs, making us a trustworthy partner for your projects. We know exactly what it takes to make a firm and user-friendly emissions control system.

The Proventia NOxBUSTER™ selective catalytic reduction (SCR) system has all it takes to keep even the biggest applications up and running more environmentally friendly. The NOxBUSTER emission control system is designed to keep emissions at the required level or even virtually eliminate them.

NOxBuster provides:

  • Emission reductions
  • Nitrogen oxides (NOx) reduction of over 90%
  • Optional oxidation catalyst: CO and HC reduction of over 80%
  • Optional particle filter: PM reduction of over 95%
  • Sophisticated control system and high automation level
  • Fully automatic soot blowing
  • Clear and user-friendly self-diagnostics

Customisable exhaust purification systems

Proventia NOxBUSTER is a fully customisable exhaust purification system. Each customer will have a system designed and tailored according to their specific needs to fulfil local demands and directives.

NOxBUSTER can be fitted to both new applications and those already in use. It is suitable for applications using oil, natural gas, and solid and liquid biofuels.

This exhaust purification system is ideal for stationary, marine and railway engines – including generating sets, locomotives and ships – as well as utility and industrial boilers and gas turbines.

Purification systems for NOx, CO, HC and PM reductions

Proventia creates perfect purification systems for not only NOx but also CO, HC, and PM gas reductions.

Power plant engine emission control

Our customers include a number of leading engine manufacturers in the field of power plants. The ever-stricter regulations governing exhaust emissions make it necessary to use after-treatment technologies at engine power plants. The reduction of particulates and NOx plays a significant role in the control of power plant emissions.

Our special expertise comprises solutions based on SCR, by means of which NOx emissions can be reduced by more than 90%. Our expertise is based on decades-long experience of power plant emission control.

The special characteristics of our solutions include a high automation level and a very advanced injection and monitoring system.

Fuel purification systems

Our solutions offer your company a cost-effective way to fulfil the demands of legislation and production. We provide purification systems for stationary applications using oil, natural gas and liquid, and solid bio fuels.

CARB-verified emission control systems

Our track record is excellent: our long-term customers include major players in their fields, such as world-leading mining machine manufacturers as well as the cities of Hong Kong and Seoul with their retrofit projects.

In the USA, Proventia's products have received CARB verification. Our tailor-made emission products meet the regulatory demands of today and tomorrow.

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