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COMPACT Global has more than 30 years' experience in its pioneering work and innovative products, providing a significant contribution to energy markets worldwide.

Gas turbine silencers

The RESONABTOR® is a very complex and highly effective labyrinth system. This 3D sound dissipating system uses the physical features of reflection, diffraction and refraction.

The design provides:

  • Highest flow dynamic performance
  • Less thermal elongation
  • Less deflection
  • Less investment
  • Better sound attenuation performance over the entire frequency spectrum

The direct and the reflected wave superimposes in the RESONABTOR®, this leads to destructive interference hence to sound level decreases. Diffraction is a mechanism that lets the sound energy follow the shape of the extremity and lead the sound wave into shadow zones. Edge refraction means exponential splitting into particles with the same frequency are superimposed according to the scattering of the direct beam.

The pressure drop is less compared with historical silencer baffles, because of the flow straightening effect the RESONABTOR® has.

The RESONABTOR® concentrates higher gas speed into the center of the flow column. The gas speed at the circumference of the stack is lowered; the sound propagation is limited at the stack outlet due to strong shear layers of different flow velocities.

Diverters: modulating pivot drive

GRAVIMOV® is the new diverter powertrain. A counter weight balanced powertrain makes hydraulic drive systems obsolete. Investments are drastically reduced, maintenance costs are zero, and power is consumed only when the actuator operates.

The diverter flap design provides overflow openings in any modulating position by a specific distance given between the top end of the flap and the shaft. The crossing over flow enhances the modulating efficiency. Pre-heating of HRSGs is optimised resulting in less stress for the heater sections.

Pivot diverters are the ideal choice for a safer operation, because there is no toggle lever linkage exposed to the hot gas, there is no cold shaft once the flap is in the bypass close position.

Non-contact sealing seat

You can save $2m for each diverter over its lifetime. Lamella seals are required in any specification about diverters. Lamella seals do not last long. Energy losses are pre-programmed. With high-grade alloy lamellas costing a lot of money, the shutdown of the gas turbine for the exchange of the lamellas seals the multiple.

For years, we were searching for a better solution than lamella seals. With our recently patented free-floating none segmented seal seat we developed the non-contact seal seat. Once installed it keeps forever and remains gas tight.

Pack & Go Exhaust System

Pack & Go stands for saving money, low-cost transportation and low-cost installation. In a transport container five to six panels sitting in rack side by side. The rack is designed for multiple handling and lifting.

The completely insulated and cladded panels having flanges all around and are of bolted design. With a special gasket in-between the flanges the panels are bolted at the corners; and duct section to duct section. No welding work at site. Pack & Go Exhaust System makes installation time shorter, so more efficient.

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Stop Losing Megawatts on Diverter Leakages 07 June 2017 20 MW loss of plant performance as recently inspected in a plant in Algeria is an annoying fact. Every 8000 to 16000 hours a shut-down to exchange lamella seals is more than annoying.