Double-Insulated Hand Tools and Safety Equipment

insulated safety hand tools

Cementex manufactures double-insulated hand tools and safety equipment suitable for the power industry. As the company designs and tests all of its own products, it is able to manage the entire production process, ensuring that customers receive high-quality, reliable tools.

Cementex tools comply with the IEC 900 and ASTM F1505-01 standards and meet the requirements of OSHA safety-related work practices, NFPA 70E standard and CSA-Z462. They are also tested to 10,000VAC and rated for 1,000VAC / 1,500DC for working on live parts.

Hand tool insulation and composite technology

Cementex has more than 50 years' experience in progressing and perfecting hand tool insulation. The company has developed its own proprietary insulation material that provides the safest, most durable insulation for worker protection. Cementex prides itself on the high attention to detail employed in the process to ensure that every tool is of a high-quality when it leaves the Burlington factory in New Jersey, US. Each tool is individually inspected and tested to guarantee it meets safety standards.

Cementex continuously develops new technologies to improve safety, durability and usability of hand tools. This dedication is evident in the company's composite driver tools. By eliminating 95% of all conductive material and using innovative technology, the company has created drivers that are strong, lightweight, durable and, most importantly, safe.

Guaranteed insulated tools and safety products

Cementex guarantees the mechanical parts of its tools for life, as long as they are used for the correct purpose. Their insulation is assured to be defect-free for a period of two years from the date of shipment. Torque tools are guaranteed as long as they are currently within an annual calibration cycle.

Insulated hand tools for the power industry

Cementex's insulated product lines are unmatched in the market. As the company owns the entire manufacturing process, it is able to customise kits to meet needs exactly and to manufacture custom items. If you can't find the product or kit you want in the company catalogue, contact Cementex who will work with you to provide the tools you need to work safely.

Insulated sockets for ratchets, torque wrenches and breaker bars

The company's 1,000V insulated sockets are designed to be used with tools such as ratchets, torque wrenches, extension bars, t-handled square drives and breaker bars.

The sockets are produced with or without a boot (without is by request only). With a boot, a protective barrier is formed over the drive tang, which ensures that there is no exposed metal during the assembly process.

Customised tool kits and adjustable wrenches

Cementex provides tool kits for a range of tasks and industries. Kits come with a standard set of tools, but can be customised to meet individual needs and tasks.

The company's adjustable wrenches are designed to provide maximum strength but with the minimal weight. With a wide capacity jaw, they can be used with a range of fastener sizes and come with a wider handle, which reduces the stress on the hand and remains comfortable to use.

Cementex has also designed the only 1,000V-rated, fully insulated adjustable wrench, which has no exposed metal and a tension-spring stabiliser jaw for easy adjustment.

Roll blankets and rubber gloves for voltage protection

To protect workers from low-voltage electrical hazards, Cementex has developed PVC-insulating blankets. These can be custom-cut to meet specific requirements, meaning that the number of different shapes and sizes required from job to job is reduced. Once a cut of the roll becomes worn or damaged, it should be discarded, resulting in no annual retests.

Cementex's rubber gloves are made from natural rubber in ISO manufacturing facilities. They are flexible and durable. To reduce hand fatigue, they are anatomically shaped and provide the necessary dielectric properties.

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