Digital Radio Products, Systems and Applications

Sepura is a global leader in the design, manufacture and supply of digital radio products, systems and applications for business and critical communications.

As a market leader in more than 30 countries, Sepura is at the forefront of digital radio technology and is trusted by a multitude of well-respected names in the power sector, such as Chevron, Pan American Energy and BC Hydro.

Digital radio networks for the power industry

Sepura's complete specialist solutions provide the power industry with a potent voice and data network.

With one of the broadest ranges of TETRA and DMR products on the market, Sepura provides infrastructure, radios and applications designed to optimise critical communications, streamline essential processes and augment worker safety.

ATEX Intrinsically Safe options include full and reduced-keypad handheld radios and an extensive range of approved accessories that are IP67-rated and meet the stringent requirements of v6 of the IECEx/ATEX standards.

Flexible TETRA infrastructure

Whether your organisation needs a solution to cover a single site, multiple sites or a regional network, Sepura offers one of the most flexible TETRA systems on the market.

It provides consistent coverage for high-density, high-volume voice and data communications, and low power consumption to increase efficiency and reduce operational costs.

Highly secure and with no single point of failure, Sepura's digital radio systems can keep businesses communicating when other systems fail.

Worker safety in remote locations

Sepura solutions prioritise worker safety through features such as Man-Down, which uses motion sensors to detect lack of movement, and Lone Worker, which can be configured to raise an emergency call if a status change is detected. Both Man-Down and Lone Worker can be combined with precise GPS location to ensure staff safety.

SICS-NET, a highly intuitive multi-user/multi-agency dispatch system compatible with Sepura TETRA networks, allows dispatcher operators to track vehicles and personnel, visualise location via building and street maps, and communicate with field-based personnel using a combination of voice and data.

Real-time data transmission

Sepura's range of versatile applications saves time, money and effort, streamlining essential processes while keeping offshore staff safe and increasing their productivity.

Data transmission reduces the need for voice calls, conserving valuable bandwidth and providing fast access to critical information when it is needed most.

Rugged two-way TETRA radios

Hard-wearing and dependable, Sepura's handheld TETRA radios provide superb functionality and outstanding audio, no matter how harsh the environment. With up to 1.8W of RF power and excellent water and dust-resistance, as well as intrinsically safe options, 'tough technology' allows TETRA radios to function in the most arduous conditions.

With a class-leading 10W of RF power, an 8W audio drive and the most proven gateway and repeater technology on the market, the SRG3900 TETRA mobile radio extends communication into areas otherwise beyond network coverage. Operational at temperatures from -30°C to 70°C, it can deal with some of the toughest conditions.

The colour handset based console (HBC2) combines the functionality of a traditional radio console with a telephone handset and has also been designed to operate in the harshest working environments.

Key features of Sepura's digital radios include:

  • Crystal-clear audio to ensure accurate communication, however noisy the environment
  • Mobile gateways to extend coverage, even in dead spots
  • Concurrent voice and data communications, allowing real-time information sharing in the field
  • Talk groups, enabling individual teams to communicate simultaneously
  • Monitoring of remote equipment, eliminating costly trips to remote sites or storage facilities, and allowing the deployment of resources based on location and status
  • Automation, providing a full audit trail, which is essential for accurate reporting and accountability

DMR Tier II and Tier III

Sepura's Digital Mobile Radio (DMR) range guarantees high-performance communication, giving users spectral efficiency, advanced voice features and integrated data services. Sepura DMR Tier III combines the company's class-leading radio products with innovative trunking solutions to provide a complete, best-in-class solution.

The robust DMR terminals offer integrated data communications along with a 1W speaker, improved noise rejection and enhanced error correction, giving crystal-clear audio even in high-noise environments. IP67-rated, they provide exceptional levels of water and dust protection and a ruggedness clients can rely on. A wide choice of accessories enables personalisation and maximises comfort.

SICS eXpress, a powerful, user-friendly voice and data dispatcher, offers optional resource location and mapping, as well as integrated emergency procedure look-ups.

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