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Industrial Turbine Control Valves and Actuators

Young & Franklin is the premier design and manufacturing company for combustion turbine fuel control systems. For more than 90 years, our engineers have tackled the most challenging applications in process industries and controls, and are at the forefront of development and implementation of state-of-the-art electric systems that will upgrade the safety, control, accuracy, performance and reliability of turbines, while improving emissions and resolving potential varnish issues.

Y&F develops standard component products, as well as complete engineered solutions for OEMs and aftermarket applications.

The durability and quality of our products made us a primary supplier of controls to the world's industrial turbine market; having decades of experience continues to make us the supplier of choice. With more than 23,000 turbines installed globally, Young & Franklin delivers control solutions based on advanced new technology, which provides high reliability, quality and capability, all at affordable prices for the customer.

Our products are installed on turbines used for land, as well as offshore platform-based power generation and pipeline compressor drives.

Hydraulic actuators

For over 60 years customers like GE Energy, Solar Turbines, Pratt & Whitney and others have relied on Young & Franklin's hydraulic expertise to control their turbines. Our robust actuators provide the basis for high force, fail-safe, reliable hydraulic control systems. More information about our hydraulic capabilities can be found at the end of this profile. Products in this category include:

  • 8577 IGCC valves - for up to 16in line sizes - patented high torque actuation guarantees smooth closing for SYNGAS processing - read about our IGCC experience online (see links below)
  • 8580 gas fuel valve assemblies - for 1in to 10in line sizes, natural gas or SYNGAS - offerings include electric or hydraulic trip relays
  • 8277 dither-resistant inlet guide vane actuators - for large turbines - 1,200psi to 1,700psi hydraulic pressure

Electromechanical actuators and valves

Young & Franklin has proven electromechanical actuation (EMA) for your electric fail-safe and non-fail-safe fuel control applications. Our patented compact, linear electromechanical actuators are the basis for a complete ship-set of electric CT controls. While we have a complete line of products, some products in this category include:

  • 3010 Series EMA gas fuel control valves – 1in, 2in and 3in with balanced valve design, spring closure for added safety and reliability
  • 9200 isolation valves - single stage, solenoid operated, pilot controlled - drop-in replacement for 1in to 3in line sizes - closes in <100ms and has a Cv of 80 - double block and bleed system also available
  • Valve - series - choked or unchoked flow; 300# or 600# ANSI RF vales to meet your needs using EMA or hydraulic actuation

Voice coil actuated valves

For your low force, high-precision actuation applications consider a Young & Franklin voice coil actuated valve. Our direct-acting heat-dissipating voice coil actuated valves have on-board integrated electronics that communicate with the provided controller package to deliver precision and reliability with no contact between moving parts. Some products in this category include:

  • 7-2000 low-pressure liquid fuel valve - for use with your lube oil pressure, the Y&F 7-2000 offers low-pressure (12psi to 700psi) servo control and is currently qualified on smaller Low-NOX OEM packages

Thermal solar trough actuators (CSP) and controls

New technology for this fast moving market. Y&F has invested with key customers to prove this cost-effective, high-accuracy product for CSP.

  • New product - single cylinder provides 240° of rotation; NO gearing; robust and simple; scalable design; control system options; full sun tracking; hydraulic power supply options; lowest cost solution

In addition, the GE Oil & Gas Frame 5002E, which is a new 34 MW Turbine used for dual application (pipeline compression or power generation). It utilizes a DLN-2.58+ Fuel Skid equipped with four Y&F 3010 Series All-Electric Natural Gas Control Valves and a 9200D490-G001 Series Isolation Valve assembly in double block & bleed format. This technology is new to GE Heavy Duty turbines; to date there are 28 of these systems in the field. The first commissioned turbine has been running for nearly five years (accumulating approximately 42,000 firing hours) with zero issues.

Most recently, Y&F has begun engineering and producing new, patented actuation technologies developed for use with solar trough actuation for concentrated solar power (CSP) for single axis control. Its scalable design offers several control system and hydraulic power supply options, and though it is such a vast improvement on currently available CSP Actuators, it is the lowest cost solution. These products are currently being proven at sites for Y&F divergence into the widening green market.

The robustness of Y&F designs and extensive pre-shipment testing of our products all but eliminates the need for unscheduled maintenance. For this reason, field servicing tends to coincide with normal turbine maintenance and overhaul cycles. Spare components and parts, seals and other perishables are held in stock for standard or quick shipment to meet customer requirements. Worldwide field support is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week through our global network of Y&F authorized repair and overhaul partnerships.

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