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Oil in Water, Spill and Level Monitoring for Power Plant Operations

HydroSense 3420 Oil in Water Monitor

Arjay Engineering

The HydroSense 3420 offers a low-cost approach to monitoring ppm concentrations of emulsified free oils in clean water.

Combining many unique design features into a compact package makes this an ideal solution for monitoring oil leaks in water systems.

The HydroSense 3420 uses a light scatter technique to respond to oil contamination in the water.

A slip stream approach directs a continuous sample flow through the HydroSense unit and back into the process stream. While it passes through the sample cell, a controlled light source is directed into the water. The emulsified oils in the water will scatter the light toward the light sensors placed strategically around the cell.

The intensity of light energy is measured to provide an indication of the ppm concentration.

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