• The energy industry outlook, from 2017 to 2018

    With disruptive technology, controversy around clean energy targets, the resurgence of nuclear power, the rise of clean coal - and even cheaper renewables - and cybercriminals targeting electricity grids, 2018...

  • Future Power Technology – Issue 93

    In this issue: Energising landfill waste, solar in the Sahara, COP23 and the cost of renewables, Australian nuclear, insect eyes inspiring tech, future energy leaders, and more

  • Future Power Technology: Issue 94

    In this issue: Germany to miss clean energy targets, the UK’s energy strategy, brightest solar projects, nuclear power’s outlook, automating utility switching, electricity data sharing, and more

  • Labrador: automating the utility switching process

    UK firm Labrador has developed a smart device that automatically switches customers’ suppliers based on their individual energy usage. Could this be the breakthrough needed to get customers the best...

  • Roundtable: an energy strategy for the UK?

    The Clean Growth Strategy was finally released after mixed responses caused a series of delays, with some praising it as a step forward whilst others say it doesn’t go far...