New Company information at Power Technology New and updated information from companies en-us New Company information at Power Technology IBAU HAMBURG-Dry Product Handling Systems for Power Plants <img src='' alt=''/><div><img alt="IBAU lead" class="fullwidth" src="" /></div><p>For more than 20 years IBAU HAMBURG has been supplying installations and components for the ash removal, … Wed, 22 Feb 2017 15:30:00 GMT OTN Systems -Networking Products for Critical Infrastructure <img src='' alt=''/><div><img alt="OTN" class="halfright" src="" /></div><p>OTN Systems is a global leader in inspiring people to design their communications network with the latest technologies.</p>… Wed, 22 Feb 2017 15:25:00 GMT BlueCielo-Software to Maximize Your Profitability <img src='' alt=''/><h2><noindex>Aging assets - inaccessible information</noindex></h2><p>Utilities companies are constantly challenged to extend the lifecycle of their operational assets. But as infrastructure ages, the costs of maintenance can increase. At the same ti… Wed, 22 Feb 2017 15:20:00 GMT Skyline Turbine Services-Gas Turbine Inspection Solutions <img src='' alt=''/><div><img alt="engineer repairing turbine engine" class="fullwidth" src="" /></div><p>Skyline Turbine Services (STS) specialises in the servi… Wed, 22 Feb 2017 15:16:00 GMT EPT-Varnish Removal Products for Turbine and Compressor Lubricants and EHC Fluids <img src='' alt=''/><div><img alt="EPT lead" class="halfleft" src="" /></div><p>EPT manufactures lubricant filtration systems for the power and other critical industries.</p><h2>Lubricant fil… Wed, 22 Feb 2017 15:07:00 GMT Munters-Gas Turbine Evaporative Cooling and Efficient Dry Air Corrosion Protection of Turbines, Boilers and Electronic Equipment at Power Plants <img src='' alt=''/><p>Munters Systems and Engineered Products manufactures air intake cooling systems for gas turbines. Air cooling results in higher efficiency of the turbine, producing more energy per cubic metre of natural gas.</p><h2>Evaporative cooling systems</h2… Wed, 22 Feb 2017 14:51:00 GMT ARNOLD Group-Gas and Steam Turbine Insulation Products <img src='' alt=''/><p>ARNOLD Group is world-famous for its high-quality gas and steam turbine insulation products.</p><p>With our many years of experience and in close cooperation with leading manufacturers of gas and steam turbines, we have developed a very successful… Wed, 22 Feb 2017 14:38:00 GMT Checkers Safety Group-Ground-Based Safety Solutions for the Power Industry <img src='' alt=''/><p>Checkers Safety Group is a leading manufacturer of ground-based safety solutions.</p><h2>Ground protection, vehicle safety and cable protection products for the power industry</h2><p>Checkers offers a wide range of products, manufactured from prem… Thu, 12 Jan 2017 14:49:00 GMT Evergreen High Voltage-High-Voltage Testing Equipment for the Power Industry <img src='' alt=''/><p>Evergreen High Voltage (EHV) manufactures high-voltage test equipment for electrical equipment manufacturers in the power industry, electrical utilities and research laboratories.</p><h2>High-voltage testing equipment for the power sector</h2><p>E… Thu, 05 Jan 2017 09:47:00 GMT UViRCO Technologies-Manufacturers of CoroCAM UV/Corona and IR Visualization Systems <img src='' alt=''/><p>The CoroCAM range of ultraviolet (UV) detection and imaging cameras, developed by the CSIR in collaboration with Eskom Research in South Africa, has identified UV corona activities and surface discharges on high-voltage electrical equipment for mo… Wed, 04 Jan 2017 16:22:00 GMT BIS Both Industrial Services BV-Mechanical Equipment for Cooling Tower and Air Cooled Heat Exchangers <img src='' alt=''/><p><b>BIS</b> provides engineering support and is a main supplier of high-quality mechanical equipment to manufacturers and users of cooling tower and air cooler installations.</p><p>The product line consists of fans, fan stacks and inlet bells, gear… Wed, 04 Jan 2017 16:19:00 GMT MEX Maintenance Experts-Maintenance Software for Power Plants <img src='' alt=''/><div><img alt="MEX maintenance experts" class="fullwidth" src="" /></div><p>MEX provides computerised maintenance management system (CMMS) software that can … Wed, 04 Jan 2017 16:10:00 GMT Permasense-Experts in Remote Monitoring Solutions - Corrosion and Erosion Monitoring Systems for Power Plants <img src='' alt=''/><p>Permasense is the world leader in integrity monitoring systems, particularly for pipes and pipework in the power sector.</p><p>The Permasense system delivers real-time data-to-desk measurements of pipe wall thicknesses from practically anywhere in… Wed, 04 Jan 2017 16:08:00 GMT GOWA-TT-Noise Control Products for Power Plants <img src='' alt=''/><p>GOWA-TT manufactures silencers for air intake systems and exhaust gas systems of gas turbines in power stations and other industrial applications.</p><h2>Silencers for the power industry</h2><p>GOWA-TT uses its own software solution for selecting … Tue, 03 Jan 2017 10:02:00 GMT Stäubli Electrical Connectors-Precision Engineered Electrical Connector Solutions <img src='' alt=''/><p><img alt="lead" class="fullwidth" src="" /></p><p>Stäubli Electrical Connectors (Stäubli Group) is a Swiss-based leading manufacturer of electrical connectors and con… Tue, 20 Dec 2016 11:08:00 GMT Ansaldo Thomassen-Heavy-Duty Gas Turbine Services <img src='' alt=''/><p>With more than a century of experience working on all aspects of heavy-duty gas turbine technology, Ansaldo Thomassen (ATH) continues to meet the demand for clean, efficient and reliable power in an environmentally responsible manner.</p><p>Ansald… Tue, 20 Dec 2016 11:07:00 GMT RITZ Instrument Transformers-Cast-Resin Bus Bar Systems <img src='' alt=''/><p>RITZ provides a cost-effective and safe alternative to parallel-connected cable systems, metal-enclosed bus bar or bus duct systems.</p><h2>Cast-resin solid-insulated bus bar systems</h2><p>RITZ cast-resin SIS solid-insulated bus bar systems are a… Tue, 20 Dec 2016 10:56:00 GMT RITZ Instrument Transformers-Medium-Voltage and Low-Voltage Transformers <img src='' alt=''/><p>RITZ has recently decided to concentrate on a core business of medium-voltage and low-voltage transformers, with the high-voltage transformer division being sold. The resources gained through this will be used for additional innovations and qualit… Tue, 20 Dec 2016 10:51:00 GMT GenSys-Customised Power Generation Solutions <img src='' alt=''/><div><img alt="pgs" class="fullwidth" src="" width="430" /></div><p>GenSys designs and manufactures containerised power generation system solutions fo… Tue, 20 Dec 2016 10:42:00 GMT Mersen-Conventional Energy - Slip Ring Assemblies, Brush Gear and Electrical Equipment Safety and Reliability <img src='' alt=''/><div><img alt="Mersen" class="fullwidth" src="" /></div><p>Mersen is a world leader for carbon brushes, brush-holders and slip ring assemblies.</p><p>Merse… Mon, 19 Dec 2016 16:39:00 GMT