Argentina plans incentives for major solar capacity expansion

Solar PV

Argentina is planning an incentives package to expand its solar capacity by almost 35-fold, state energy company Energia Argentina SA (Enarsa) has said.

International solar project developers plan to set up plants in Argentina's western regions, which receive nearly twice the solar radiations of the largest solar market, Germany.

In the last year, developers have applied to construct 11 projects, each with a capacity of around 20MW, reports Bloomberg.

"There's a lot of interest in solar energy in Argentina and very good potential," Hector Nordio, head of clean-power projects at Enarsa, told the news agency.

In 2011, Argentina adopted new rules to allow power project developers to discuss premium tariffs directly with grid operator Cammesa Argentina de Energia Renovable and the government.

The country intends to build 3,000MW in clean-energy capacity, of which nearly 10% may come from solar, according to CADER.

About 625MW are in operation, with solar power accounting for only 6.2MW.

President Christina Fernandez de Kirchner's administration plans to produce 8% of electricity from renewables by 2016, up from the current 2%.

Image: International developers applied to construct 11 solar projects in Argentina in 2012. Photo courtesy of

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