LACI launches Energize California initiative to support clean energy economy

Non-profit, public-private partnership The Los Angeles Cleantech Incubator (LACI) has introduced new initiative Energize California to enhance Southern California's clean energy economy in the US.

The initiative will support the industry and help entrepreneurs access technical services required to bring new technologies to market.

Launched with a six-year, $5m grant from California Energy Commission (CEC), Energize California is part of CEC’s statewide initiative to meet increasing demand for innovation in the energy sector as more renewable resources are installed.

Energize California will act as the central coordinating agency for the clean energy sector in the region and will bring industry leaders together to support new technologies and entrepreneurs in Santa Barbara, Ventura, Los Angeles, and Orange Counties.

CEC chair Robert Weisenmiller said: “You never know where the next great clean energy idea will come from.

"You never know where the next great clean energy idea will come from."

“But having a centralised programme like Energize California, where innovators can easily network with academia, industry, business and professional development resources, greatly enhances the chances of that happening here in Southern California.”

In addition, Energize California Innovators programme will help qualified clean energy entrepreneurs accelerate product commercialisation and entry into the market.

Entrepreneurs will be able to gain access to mentors, pilot programmes, testing, and prototyping facilities, as well as opportunities to connect with industry leaders, funding sources, and strategic partners through the programme.

Energize California has also collaborated with government, regulators, private industry, researchers, energy customers, utilities, and other entities to identify regional energy requirements and help improve early-stage energy technology solutions for the local region, especially for the disadvantaged communities.