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24 April 2017
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Wakefield Acoustics - Noise Control Systems for the Power Industry

Structural Vibration Solutions - Operational Modal Analysis Software

Ahlstrom - Filter Media Solutions and Technologies

GEDA - Rack and Pinion Elevators for the Power Industry

Alimak Hek - Rack and Pinion Lifts for the Power Industry

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Press Releases

On Parle Français; Bienvenue en France, Jeremias
The most important development of the Jeremias group in these last year has been the establishment of Jeremias France SAS.

IDCON's Industry Events
Throughout 2017 and 2018, IDCON is hosting a series of informative workshops and presentations at exhibitions that are all aimed at supporting reliability for maintenance personnel.

ANDRITZ HYDRO to Modernise Dnipro 1 Hydropower Station, Ukraine
ANDRITZ HYDRO has been awarded a contract by state-owned utility Ukrhydroenergo for modernisation of the Dnipro 1 hydropower station on Dnieper River, Ukraine.

Stäubli Presenting Clean Energy Connections Solutions at ACT EXPO
Stäubli will exhibit a variety of industry-defining products at the ACT EXPO in Long Beach, CA, this May, offering a large range of connection solutions for alternative fuel sectors.

Renewal and Extension of DNV-GL Type Approvals
More than 4,000 expansion joints in the size range of DN 50 - 2200 have received renewals for DNV-GL type approval.

White Papers

Expansion Joints Catalogue
With this product catalogue of metallic expansion joints, we are pleased to provide a helpful, informative and inspirational tool for specifying and selecting the correct metallic expansion...

Introduction to nHance Technologies
In 2001, the simulation services business unit of a company now known as Areva (a global company headquartered in France that is widely known as a nuclear power plant vendor) was divested,...

Medium and Low Voltage Instrument Transformers
TWB SA designs, develops and manufactures, exclusively, dry-type low and medium voltage instrument transformers up to 36kV and 3000A, current and voltage, for indoor and outdoor...

Gas Turbine Inlet Cooling Options to Maximise Power Output in Response to Changing Operating Dynamics
A gas turbine inlet cooling system has been developed which can be installed quickly with minimal disruption to operation, and which provides a fast response to the changing dynamics of gas...

Pumps for Renewable Power Generation
Worldwide, countries have made commitments to significantly increasing their share of electricity generated from renewable sources by...


Could oil platforms become offshore power stations?
With campaigns imploring oil companies to ‘keep it in the ground’, is there a way that we could have our energy cake and eat it too? Professor Tom Baxter of Aberdeen University has floated an ambitious and unconventional idea to do just that, by tapping hydrocarbons for their energy without ever removing them, or their emissions, from reservoirs.

The world’s strangest sources of biofuel
Seemingly biofuel can be made out of almost anything, from chocolate to human fat. But what are the weirdest biofuel sources out there?

Smart grids: the consumer perspective
The development of smart grids promises to give consumers more control over their energy bills, as well as encouraging small-scale home-based renewable energy installations. But how do customers feel about smart grids, and how are they impacting ratepayers’ relationships with their utilities? To find out, we speak to Patty Durand, president and CEO of the US-based Smart Grid Consumer Collaborative.

The Brooklyn microgrid: blockchain-enabled community power
In Brooklyn, LO3 Energy has teamed up with Siemens to create a pilot microgrid using blockchain technology. Residents with solar panels can sell excess energy back to their neighbours, in a peer-to-peer transaction which takes advantage of blockchain.

Will Australia ever give up on coal power?
Australia is highly dependent on cheap coal for electricity but the country urgently needs to reduce its CO2 emissions in accordance with targets set in the Paris COP21 deal. To meet its commitments the government is looking to deploy large-scale ‘clean coal’ power plants - but is it enough and why isn’t the country ready to ditch coal altogether?


Chinook Power Station, Saskatchewan
The Chinook Power Station is a proposed 350MW combined-cycle natural gas-fired power plant to be built near Swift Current, Saskatchewan, Canada.

Dudgeon Offshore Wind Farm
The 402MW Dudgeon offshore wind farm, being developed in the UK North Sea, approximately 32km off the coast of Cromer in North Norfolk, will be one of the world's biggest offshore wind farms when completed.

Ayitepa Wind Farm
The 225MW Ayitepa wind farm is being developed in the Ningo-Prampram district, approximately 60km east of Accra city in Ghana, West Africa.

Rush Creek Wind Farm, Colorado
Construction of the Rush Creek wind project, the biggest single-phase wind generating facility in North America, is expected to commence in May 2017.

Norther Offshore Wind Farm
The Norther offshore wind farm is a 370MW project to be built approximately 23km off the Belgian coast, alongside the border with the Netherlands.

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