Products and Services


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Aeroderivative Gas Turbines

Air Quality Testing and Analysis Services

Air-Pollution Control and Environmental Equipment

Automation, Operation and Maintenance Services for Utilities Equipment

Cast-Resin Bus Bar Systems

Chemical Cleaning of Boiler Plants and Water Steam Circuits of Power Plants

Combustion Efficiency and Continuous Emissions Monitoring

Combustion Turbine Inspections

Compressors and Compressor Systems

Continuous Stack-Monitoring Systems

Cooling Towers for HVAC Systems and Industrial Cooling

Cooling Towers for Industrial Plants

Custom Metal Bending and Heating and Cooling Coil Fabrication

Custom-Design Diesel Generators

Design and Production of Reduction Gear Units

Diesel and Gas-Powered Generator Sets

Diesel Generating Sets Sales and Hire

Diesel Particulate Filters

Electric and Fluid Power Actuators and Associated Control Systems

Electrical Maintenance and Control Systems

Electro Ceramic Components

Electro-Mechanical Autonomous Lubricators

Electrostatic Precipitators (Electrofilters)

Emergency Management Services and Training for the Power Industry

Engineering and Construction of Turnkey Industrial Projects

Exhaust Gas Systems, Ducting and Silencers

Filter and Reclaimer Equipment

Fuel Assemblies and Reactor Components for the Nuclear Industry

Gas Turbine Repair and Overhaul Facility

Gas Turbines and Capital Spare Parts Supply

GE Speedtronic Field Service, Training and Spares Support

Heavy-Duty Tower Cranes

High Voltage and Low Voltage Distribution Services

High Voltage Services

Industrial Compressed Air and Blower Systems

Industrial Filtration and Purification Equipment

Industrial Lubricants for Energy Facilities

Industrialisation and Contract Manufacturing of Electronic Products

Inspection and Maintenance Services for FT8, SGT and V-Series Gas Turbines

Integrated Engineering Services

Large Frame GE, Gas Turbine Replacement Parts

Liquid Deaeration for Corrosion Control and Reduced Chemical Usage

Low, Medium and High-Voltage Cabins and Transformers

Mast Climbing Systems

Medium and High-Voltage Insulators

Medium-Voltage and Low-Voltage Transformers

Metal-Engineering Training, Certification and Personnel