Power plant operators and electricity transmission and distribution companies require a broad range of tailor-made and high-performance cable and connector solutions to ensure safe, consistent, and efficient flow of electricity. 

The rising demand for electricity, government initiatives to upgrade power transmission systems, and the increasing adoption of renewables such as solar and wind are fuelling the growth of the global cable and connector market. 

Finding the best power cables and connectors 

Power Technology has listed some of the leading suppliers of power cables and connectors, based on based on its intel, insights and decades-long experience in the sector. The list includes established manufacturers and suppliers of a wide range of custom-made, low, medium, and high-voltage cables, industrial power connectors, components, and services for power generation, transmission and distribution applications. 

The list also includes turnkey cable contractors who can execute cable projects from concept to completion. 

The information contained within the document is designed for electrical power generation, evacuation, transmission and distribution consultants, managers and engineers, transmission line and substation project directors, grid consultants, procurement officers, and other individuals involved in power generation, evacuation, grid connectivity, and electricity transmission and distribution. 

The download contains detailed information on the power cable and connector solutions providers and their product and service lines, alongside contact details to aid your purchasing or hiring decision.

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Types of industrial power cables, connectors, accessories and services 

Power companies and grid operators look for a wide variety of purpose-built cable and connector solutions that are cost-effective and reliable. 

Different cables, connectors, accessories and services used in the power industry applications include, but are not limited to: 

  • Low, medium, high and extra-high-voltage industrial power cables 
  • Cross-linked polyethylene cables 
  • Overhead, underground, subsea and underwater power cables and accessories
  • Low-smoke zero halogen (LSZH) safety, and heat and fire-resistant cables 
  • Armoured, rubber, photovoltaic, panel and indoor cables 
  • Single-pin, multi-pin, variable and modular high-voltage connectors 
  • Pluggable connectors for industrial applications 
  • Cable tensioning systems, silicone composite insulators, installation tools, voltage testers, and cable diagnostic testing equipment 
  • Cable entry systems and press seals 
  • Cable installation, jointing, fitting, and testing services 
  • Site survey and cable engineering services, and 
  • Industrial power cable packaging and logistics services