Israel and Jordan to sign energy and water pact
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Israel and Jordan to sign energy and water pact

By MEED    22 Nov 2021 (Last Updated November 19th, 2021 15:23)

The US- and UAE-mediated agreement is expected to boost both countries’ climate actions.

Israel and Jordan to sign energy and water pact
The agreement includes the construction of a solar power and energy storage plant in Jordan. Credit: MEED.

Israel and Jordan are expected to sign a cooperation agreement on energy and water in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) next week.

The agreement entails the potential construction of a desalination plant in Israel for export to Jordan, and a solar power and energy storage plant in Jordan to enable clean energy export to Israel, according to local Israeli media reports.

MEED understands the agreement is based on the Water & Energy Nexus, a project of EcoPeace Middle East, an organisation comprising Israeli, Palestinian and Jordanian environmental experts and activists.

The agreement is due to be signed on 22 November between Israeli Energy Minister Karin Elharrar and Jordanian Water Minister Mohammed al-Najjar.

John Kerry, US special climate envoy, and Sultan al-Jaber, UAE special envoy for climate change, are also expected to be present at the signing ceremony.

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