Bidders for the larger category B projects under the third round of Saudi Arabia’s National Renewable Energy Programme (NREP) have until 3 June to submit their proposals.

The previous bid deadline was 24 May.

The category B projects comprise the 700MW solar photovoltaic (PV) independent power project (IPP) in Al-Rass and the 300MW solar PV IPP in Saad.

UAE-based Masdar and China’s Jinko Solar are among those expected to bid for the category B projects, says a source familiar with the round three schemes.

Earlier this month, Saudi Arabia’s Energy Ministry received three bids for the 200MW category A projects under round three of its NREP.

The category A projects comprise the 120MW Wadi al-Dawasir and 80MW Layla solar PV IPPs.

The bidders are:

  • Acwa Power (local)/Public Investment Fund (local)/State Power Investment Corporation (China)
  • Total Solar (France)/Al-Blagha (local)
  • Alfanar (local)

Repdo issued the request for proposals (RFP) for category A and B projects under the third round of NREP in April last year.

Repdo prequalified 49 firms to bid for NREP’s third round. The list includes international, regional and local developers.

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