BarkerBille Delivers Two Flue Gas Fans for Biofuel Boiler in Latvia

Fan manufacturing company BarkerBille has shipped two large flue gas fans from its Danish production site to Latvia.

The industrial flue gas fans will be used at a 2×20MW biofuel boiler at a Latvian DHP. Equipped with 250kW motors, the fans can absorb more than 100,000m³ flue gas an hour at a pressure of 5,500Pa when installed.

The two flue gas fans are only a few of many to be shipped from the factory in Denmark.

BarkerBille supplies all sizes from small to very large fans to the energy sector. The fans are mostly used for waste incineration, biofuel power or heating plants.

During the last six months, the company has delivered quite a few fans for the same Danish customer to multiple biomass boiler systems in Australia and for power and heating plants in Denmark.

BarkerBille has been expanding its business with more focus on the European market. Most of the company’s fans are sold to Danish engineering companies.

However, over the last 50 years, the firm has supplied quite a few fans to its customers worldwide. For example, a number of biomass and waste-to-energy plants in the UK uses BarkerBille’s forced draft (FD) and induced draft (ID) fans.

Over the last two years, the company has experienced an increase in sales from its Chinese office.

A large number of fans are shipped to projects in that part of the world because BarkerBille guarantees the same quality fans as when supplied from Denmark.

High-quality is the cornerstone in BarkerBille’s fan design and production. The fans are dimensioned and designed using advanced technology.

Just before shipping, the fans go through the obligatory factory acceptance test (FAT) that ensures the fans are balanced and operating at the optimum level.

During testing, vibrations are measured according to applicable standards.

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