Pacific Boilers New and Refurbished Boiler Systems for the Power Industry

Pacific Boilers specialises in the refurbishment and supply of high-quality steam-generating plants for the power sector.

We offer a range of new, cutting-edge boiler systems and related equipment, as well as cost-effective second-hand units that have been carefully upgraded by our experienced team to ensure optimum performance and long service-life.

High-quality steam boilers for the energy sector

Pacific Boilers is primarily engaged in the provision of packaged boiler units for industrial applications, with a particular focus on larger 5MW to 30MW capacity systems.

We are able to supply clients with an extensive catalogue of boiler units of all fuel types to meet their operational needs. Pressure parts are fabricated overseas for maximum cost-efficiency before being fitted in Australia by our experienced personnel to ensure quality performance.

We also offer bespoke boiler units that are carefully engineered for unique applications, which can include a combination of a variety of boiler configurations and / or specialist materials to achieve the required results. These custom systems can be applied to numerous industrial processes and are specially designed for compatibility with prolonged, high-cycling operation in heavy industry.

Pacific Boilers operates a dedicated, highly knowledgeable project management team than possesses more than 30 years’ experience in the industrial boiler sector, which is committed to ensuring customers receive the optimum solution for their own operational needs.

The company offers both US and Vietnam based supply options for added convenience depending on the customer’s requirements.

Refurbished second-hand boiler systems for power applications

Pacific Boilers carefully sources its second-hand equipment for refurbishment, and only purchases boiler systems with pressure components that are in good enough condition to offer the end-user at least ten years of dependably high-performance operation.

We meticulously inspect all of the boiler’s pressure parts at the point of purchase, as well as carry out thorough ultrasonic thickness and internal tube testing in order to ensure our clients receive a high-quality product at a competitive price.

Most of our renovated boiler units are integrated with a variety of brand new parts and components to improve reliability and achieve maximum performance. Components include control panels, field wiring, gas regulators / filters, and gas train and pressure switches, in addition to modulation motors.

Pacific Boilers offers a year’s warranty on all new equipment and a full six-month warranty on all the pressure parts of its refurbished systems.

All installation and other workmanship is also covered by a three-month warranty to ensure consistently reliable results, and many of our refurbished boilers have continued to run for more than a decade after installation with trouble-free operation.

Boiler refurbishment services for power generation facilities

In addition to sourcing and supplying equipment, Pacific Boilers can carry out refurbishment works and upgrades on clients’ boilers to ensure optimum performance and longevity.

We regularly conduct on-site visits and create full efficiency reports of customers’ existing infrastructure, which allows us to provide accurate quotes for wide range of available improvements and upgrades.

Our services include fitting oxygen trim systems, economisers and variable speed drives (VSDs), as well as the integration of control upgrades and waste heat recovery solutions.

We can install the latest electrical systems and burner controls provided by our trusted supplier for increased operational efficiency, in addition to advanced, low-nitrogen oxide (NOx) systems to decrease emissions.

Accessories and auxiliary equipment for industrial boiler units

Pacific Boilers can provide quotes for new ancillary equipment, as well as pricing for a refurbished second-hand unit of the same type to suit clients’ individual specifications.

We offer a wide range of auxiliary and accessory solutions designed to increase the operational efficiency and ease-of-use of industrial steam boiler systems. These include innovative air heaters and heat exchange economisers, as well as oil and gas valve systems to allow for greater precision and process control.

Our portfolio of ancillary systems also includes feedwater regulation units to help reduce fuel consumption and thermal shock during operation, in addition to heaters designed to increase water temperature before entering the boiler’s feed pump.

About Pacific Boilers

Based in New South Wales, Australia, Pacific Boilers employs a team of committed professional tradespeople with more than 20 years’ experience in boiler installation, commissioning and refurbishment operations.

As a small firm, we are able to avoid many of the overhead costs associated with large-scale companies, while delivering a highly professional, personalised service and close project supervision to our clients.

Our expert personnel can commission and install new and refurbished boiler systems, with short lead-times and minimal disruption to customers’ plant activities.

Pacific Boilers’ electrical panels are manufactured by a trusted specialist firm that has  more than 25 years’ expertise in the field, while our pressure welding services are carried out by dedicated professionals who focuses solely on work of this kind and are able to deliver consistently high-quality results.

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Press Release

Rolls Royce 60t/hr Steam Boiler Available Now

Pacific Boiler Services is excited to announce the availability of a Rolls Royce 60t/hr @32BAR & 370DEG.C, Steam Boiler.

Pacific Boiler Services

57 Tourle Street

Mayfield West


New South Wales


+61 0427 220 128

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Press Release

1 March 2018

Pacific Boiler Services is excited to announce the availability of a Rolls Royce 60t/hr @32BAR & 370DEG.C, Steam Boiler.

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Pacific Boiler Services

57 Tourle Street

Mayfield West


New South Wales


+61 0427 220 128

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