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Avara Technologies Teleprotection Interoperability Application Brings Asset Life-Extension for the Power Industry

Power companies worldwide work diligently to ensure the secure and uninterrupted supply of electricity to consumers. The continuity and the quality of this service are key differentiators that are maintained by the electricity provider’s teleprotection network; the mission critical application for all power companies.

Avara Technologies has successfully completed 6-9 month of interworking tests with existing operational teleprotection networks for customers in Australia and the UK. The focus of the tests has been interoperability with the communication solution that defined industrial grade dedicated networks for teleprotection – the Nokia Dynanet platform.

To extend the life of existing teleprotection and communication assets, the Avara Technologies DynaFlex platform provides backward compatibility as well as card-level integration into existing Nokia Dynanet equipment, making network expansions and upgrades a reality. Adding to this, the Ethernet capability of the Avara Technologies DynaFlex ensures power companies can provide a contemporary mix of technologies, to ensure the provision of dedicated mission critical communications, to mitigate the risk of cyber security in the operational network.

The Avara Technologies DynaFlex C37.94 optical Teleprotection communications interface is unique in the market, as it not only provides the C37.94 standard for teleprotection, but also provides symmetrical delay equalization to improve interoperability with existing network nodes, using the same network management platform as the Nokia Dynanet family. This symmetric delay equalization is also available to Avara Technology G703/X.21 cards.