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Engineering, Procurement and Construction Services for Turbogas and Power Plants

Halmax began selling accessories like filter houses, inlet and exhaust ducts, dampers and diverters, air coolers, structures, enclosures, buildings and carpentry to turbogas plants in 1995.

Via Po, 94 – 64100 Teramo (TE),

HALMAX GROUP UNIPERSONALE (HALMAX) is an engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) company based in Italy that provides management services and facilities to help clients develop projects.

HALMAX began selling accessories such as filter houses, inlet and exhaust ducts, dampers and diverters, air coolers, structures, enclosures, buildings and carpentry to turbogas plants in 1995.

Acoustic solutions for design, silencers and semi-anechoic chambers

In conjunction with our global partners, HALMAX has expanded to include an acoustic division in its portfolio of services. Whether it is taking in-situ or sound level metre measurements or assessment reports of acoustic impact, design and acoustic reclamation works, HALMAX GROUP can advise on the appropriate design, silencers or semi-anechoic chambers to enable clients to meet their targets.

Construction workshop and installation services for turbogas plants

HALMAX’s construction and installation workshops are located throughout Italy to provide clients with a complete and proximate service. Our stainless steel and carbon steel manufacturing workshops are located on the west coast of Italy in Lazio, while the assembly and painting works are completed at our Termoli-Molise workshop on the east coast.

HALMAX’s workshops are equipped to handle large-scale construction works, soundproof equipment manufacture and service and framing preparation, In addition to this, the company provides metal framing construction and the temporary storage of small production projects.

Our workshops provide manufacturing services for clients worldwide, and the transportation costs of the manufactured item from the production site to the boarding area is included in the price.

After a part has been manufactured, HALMAX can organise fabrication and assembly yards for clients worldwide to construct and install equipment on their turbogas plants.

Engineering and design projects

HALMAX’s team of engineering professionals can provide advice or technical drawings for a broad range of services, including:

  • On-site surveys
  • Customer documentation analysis
  • Technical documentation
  • Executive and assembly drawings
  • Procurement lists
  • Acoustic reports
  • Fluid dynamic reports
  • Structural reports
  • Packing lists
  • Manufacturing dossiers

A majority of our engineering and design projects are detailed through technical drawings, and we are able to develop the engineering specifications of projects through a combination of specialised software and modelling.

This process enables HALMAX to offer clients the best dynamics for their projects in terms of optimal weights and dimensions, and noise reduction and structural and fluid dynamics performance.

Power plant consultancy and sound-proofing services

For power plant professionals that require advice or assistance in accomplishing a project, HALMAX’s extensive experience in the energy and process power industry makes it an ideal partner. Whether it is assisting with a project from the beginning or assuming an advisory role, HALMAX can provide high-quality solutions with the lowest technical and environmental impact. Our services include:

  • Production analysis
  • Cost and risk estimation
  • Energy recovery and waste system treatments
  • Equipment size and design
  • Customary international codes
  • Thermal pipe expansion


Services for Turbogas and Power Plants

HALMAX, which was founded in 1995 as a GE Oil & Gas - Nuovo Pignone Firenze's engineering study, specialises in designing parts for turbogas plants.

Halmax Group S.r.l. - Unipersonale

Via Po, 94 – 64100 Teramo (TE)


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