Data Collaboration and IT Solutions for Power Industry

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ToolKitX provides complex IT solutions to clients that require reliable task coordination between planners and field force.

We have extensive experience in managing projects and working with business in the utility, infrastructure, oil and gas, construction and IT industries.

Data collaboration and project management for the power industry

We use cutting-edge technology, including GPS position tracking, mobile applications, analytics, 360° virtual imaging and a collaboration database to provide software solutions that are customised for the client’s project.

Our system creates a virtual team across the entire workforce, including subcontractors, suppliers and clients. Working on the same data enables all parties to contribute to the project in real-time.

Our system is a collection of software modules and mobile applications that work seamlessly, ensuring all parties have instant access to project data.

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)-compliant system does not require any hardware or installation and offers complete construction project management.

We continuously improve, extend and optimise our solution, which was developed by professional health, safety and environment (HSE) and quality coordinators, as well as package, permit and project managers.

Progress monitoring for the power industry applications

With our system, clients have access to digital logbook and progress reports, including benchmarking and analytical functions to optimise and monitor their projects.

Clients can access real-time logbook data to track project progress and labour productivity. The system has a shift log management feature that ensures vital information is passed from one shift to the next.

The software enables clients to produce daily, weekly and monthly reports within minutes and send them to predefined distribution lists.

Our analytics engine offers insights for future planning by benchmarking the execution of similar tasks against each other. Clients can discover their best-performing teams, practices and equipment and optimise resources and project timeline accordingly.

With our software, users can perform project management tasks, including costs calculations, tracking and project tasks.

Employee scheduling for the power industry

Our software offers detailed shift planning solution for all work activities, including accommodation planning and mobile device support.

The feature helps to improve employee productivity and reduce operational costs.

The accommodation scheduling option enables clients to plan for large infrastructure projects.

Work order management for the power industry

Our software enables clients to create and track work orders in real-time. The tool is made for tracking work orders from the moment they are created until the work order is completed and invoiced, both from the office and in the field. It enables clients to streamline the work order lifecycle.

Our Online Work Order Management tool has built-in 360° virtual reality modules that allow the service crew to view the location before going onsite and access key asset data.

HSE and quality assurance (QA) management and auditing

Using our HSE and QA Manager software, clients can gather incident data, take pictures, record information, send emergency alerts and display important contact information.

The software can be used to customise HSE audits and compare data from various reports to evaluate the performance of subcontractors and track and record incidents on mobile devices to avoid dangerous situations and develop countermeasures.

The system also provides real-time quality reporting and tracking and has a dashboard feature that enables senior executives, managers and safety professionals to create and view key safety performance metrics.

Asset management for the power industry applications

Our asset management tool covers a broad range of industries, including utilities, oil and gas, water, solar and wind parks, as well as production and service businesses.

Our tool is an end-to-end enterprise asset management (EAM) solution that helps to increase efficiency and reduce costs. It offers inventory, work order, document and contract management functions, as well as a set of additional features for scheduled, preventive and predictive maintenance. The system enables companies to optimise physical asset lifecycle management.

The Asset Management solution also offers automated depreciation calculations and asset transfer functions.

Simplify your Work Order Management

Our work order management system facilitates the creation of tasks and enables their tracking. Departments can handle multiple tasks such as:

  • Assignment of labour hours
  • Estimation and monitoring of labour, parts, and miscellaneous costs
  • Tracking of safety procedures and downtime
  • Display of outstanding work for specific periods

Once all the tasks have been confirmed, they gain approval through the cloud supported work order management software. It becomes easier to schedule and prioritise orders according to need and urgency. The transparency that comes with the scheduling makes things run effectively.

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Seestr. 21, 56459 Pottum


Seestr. 21, 56459 Pottum,