Ventx serves companies that are in the blowdown silencer market. We are a business with more than a decade of experience producing industrial designs. We offer bespoke solutions to your noise issues that are both practical and cost-efficient.

At some point, as an engineer, you might need to come up with a specification to purchase a blowdown silencer. It does not have to be difficult and we can assist you to make the right choice.

People use these types of silencers for blowdown applications. We define these as where your objective is removing high-pressure gas. This is from a set volume. Usually, there are time limits and one last blowdown pressure. This will be near to the atmospheric pressure, which is typically 50 psig.

Our special silencers are often used for natural gas pipelines and compressor stations. We have pressurised volume. This is essential because larger volumes demand bigger silencer models.

Maximum blowdown time is also important. Longer times enable you to employ compact silencers. In emergency blowdown circumstances, a total acceptable blowdown could be 1-2 minutes.

There is the final blowdown pressure as well. You might end up specifying a pressure of 50 psig. If you do, it will become harder to match the time specification using an economic silencer selection.

At Ventx, we can meet the requirements of a broad range of industries, including service and petro-chem. They may require a bespoke silencer to reduce noise and improve accuracy.

Feel free to contact us if you require a blowdown silencer or any other model. We use high-quality software to design each one, ensuring it will suit your application.