Swiss technology firm Depsys has opened a new branch in Essen, Germany. The new private limited company will enable DEPsys to expand into the German market.

From its new local site, the smart grid specialist will support German distribution systems operators (DSOs) with the country’s energy transition. The company won a few key German accounts in 2018 and is currently in discussion with many other potential customers.

Recently, Depsys succeeded in the E.DIS Start-Up Challenge, making a German subsidiary the next logical step. Matthias Lenz has been appointed as CEO of Depsys GmbH.

Lenz has extensive leadership experience in the German energy industry.

He was the driving force behind change management processes during the liberalisation of the energy market. Lenz also encouraged innovation and agile project development at companies such as Solinger Netzbetreiber SWS Netze Solingen GmbH, PLEdoc GmbH and E.ON GAS Grid GmbH.

Depsys also offers GridEye solution for increasing the use of renewable sources and establishing e-mobility.

Lenz said: “I believe that new technologies have great prospects in the energy industry. That is why I am working so enthusiastically on digitalisation and the transition to renewables.

“GridEye substantially reduces the cost and complexity that DSOs have to budget for in their energy transitions.

“I am delighted my job is dedicated to that because I know from experience how much
work is involved. Germany is committed to a proactive energy transition, and I aim to
support that through Depsys.”

Depsys CEO Michael De Vivo said: “Our latest funding round gave us the opportunity to accelerate our European expansion strategy, with Germany playing a key role.

“Matthias Lenz is an experienced industry specialist with an excellent managerial track record. With Matthias at the helm, we can implement our strategy flawlessly.”

GridEye is a flexible management platform for digitalising distribution networks. It helps DSOs to ensure their grids are reliable, stable and optimised. The platform also supports the rising trend of decentralised production.

GridEye enables the control and management of microgrids and district solutions. The platform is an innovative end-to-end solution with cutting-edge hardware and software.

DSOs throughout Europe and worldwide are already using it to integrate the smart technologies that they require.