ESI Eurosilo is working hard to meet the schedule for the delivery of a full stack FGD Gypsum silo at the thermal power plant of RTU in Bosnia Herzegovina.

TheMHPS-E project was shortened with almost five months after we started the initial building phase.

Meeting the challenge

To cope with this challenge we deployed an optimised transport schedule, together with additional support on site in order to get the equipment assembled and installed in time. Meanwhile, we also needed to meet the strict quality control and documentation requirements of RTU. In close cooperation with MHPS-E, the quality inspections have been scheduled and all documents are submitted successfully in the past months.

High-level redundancy

On request of MHPS-E, we have implemented a high level of redundancy in the silo control. The system has a redundant power. This is to maximise the availability and to meet the overall power plant standards. The electrical engineers of ESI investigated and implemented this system into the electrical MCC.

ESI Eurosilo sales director Richard Spaargaren said: “In order to comply with environmental regulations, the exhaust of the power plant at Ugljevik needs desulfurization. This means the space for storing and forwarding the FGD gypsum is quite limited. Therefore the Eurosilo is the system of choice, as well as for MHPS-E as for RTU.”

Space-saving concept

The FGD Gypsum silo in Ugljevik integrates a dewatering facility on top, a slotted column system for flawless reclaiming of the sticky material and truck loading underneath the silo. All the equipment is successfully installed in and under the silo, supervised by our project manager Jan-Willem Hanskamp. The building of the silo is now being finished and the commissioning will take place later this year.