GTC has announced it will start offering services for ABB, Alstom, Bently Nevada, Emerson, Honeywell, Rolls Royce, Siemens, Triconex, Westinghouse and Woodward.

GTC president and COO John SantaCroce said: “Our industrial-strength service and unrivalled value have given us the opportunity to expand our market presence. Our expert engineering and customer support teams are adept and experienced at assessing our client’s needs beyond the ones we currently service.”

Gas Turbine Controls (GTC), soon to be known as GTC Control Solutions, is a pioneer in the industrial controls industry providing a vast inventory of original and remanufactured control boards and spare parts. Field service, testing, repair and asset recovery are also part of the well-known company’s offerings.

GTC is built on a foundation of unrivalled customer service and value, allowing the end-user to get the most life out of their equipment, even when ‘end-of-life’ notifications have been issued by the original equipment manufacturer.

SantaCroce said: “Our innovation in this industry has shifted the conversation from ‘must upgrade now’ to ‘can postpone indefinitely or until conditions are favourable.’ We continue to outlast the competition by being agile, attentive and adaptable.

“GTC is more than industrial controls. We are a proud service and technology company. We are up for any challenge and will never settle for the status quo. If our client needs a part, we have it, and if we do not, we will find it.”

GTC was founded 20 years ago and is based in Hawthorne, New York, US. The company has additional international service and operations in Argentina, Denmark, India, Malaysia and the United Arab Emirates.