hrl: provides a comprehensive high-pressure piping inspection and maintenance programme that ensures the integrity of piping systems to prevent future failures and protect plants.

Major failures in high-pressure piping systems can result in personnel injuries and fatalities, damaged equipment, costly loss of production, and high liability fines.

With high-pressure piping in many major plants approaching end of life, you may be experiencing problems such as:

  • High-temperature creep
  • Fatigue
  • Thermal shock
  • Corrosion
  • Cracking
  • Misplaced hangers

Prevention is always better (and cheaper) than cure, so don’t ignore your high-pressure piping system until it’s too late.
With a proven track record serving businesses like Synergy, AGL, and NRG, hrl: delivers unmatched high-pressure piping expertise, cutting-edge modelling software, and high-level analysis and reporting.

Our comprehensive programme

Leveraging its vast technical expertise and experience internationally and in Australia, hrl: developed a comprehensive asset integrity management programme for high-pressure piping systems.

Our process encompasses the following stages:

  1. Initial inspection: Our experienced team of metallurgists inspect your piping system, during both a planned outage (cold survey) and during operation (hot survey)
  2. Initial analysis: Using the data gathered, we conduct in-depth analysis to calculate the condition of your piping, focusing on problem areas like expansion and temperature creep
  3. Flexibility analysis: If necessary, we then perform flexibility analysis using a computer programme to simulate our findings and identify the stressors that are causing issues
  4. Repair or replacement: With the stressors clearly identified, we then calculate how long the piping can survive in its current state. Depending on the findings, we may then implement refloating, which involves repositioning the position of the hangers and refloating the pipe back to its original configuration (plus strain gauging, if required). Instead of refloating, we may carry out a risk-based inspection. This uses the results from the initial inspection and simulation to highlight the highest risk welds or points in the piping. hrl: then recommends repair or replacement as required
  5. Ongoing risk-based maintenance programme: With the work above completed and your high-pressure piping system fit for use for the next four years, hrl: then put in place an ongoing inspection programme to maintain its integrity
  6. Overall programme report: All work completed is documented in a thorough technical report detailing the work undertaken and the maintenance programme moving forward. After every stage, we deliver a comprehensive technical report detailing the work done, the findings gathered, and our recommendations regarding next steps. You can engage us to implement the entire programme end to end, or certain stages as required.


With hrl:’s high-pressure piping inspection and integrity management programme, you’ll ensure:

  • The safety of your personnel, avoiding potential injuries, fatalities, and liability costs
  • The reliability of your statutory equipment, avoiding unexpected outages, urgent repairs, and months of lost generation. In fact, the cost of this work is less than half a day’s lost generation
  • Compliance with the statutory requirements for peace of mind
  • An extended life expectancy for your plant – invest in maintenance now to save money moving forward

Why choose hrl:

  • Unmatched high-pressure piping expertise
  • Cutting-edge modelling software
  • A collaborative, customised approach with a focus on your specific objectives
  • High-level reporting with more detail, frequency, and analysis than you’ll find elsewhere
  • A proven track record with organisations, including Synergy, AGL, NRG, Stanwell, Nestle, Santos, and Paiton