KMC has cooperated with ESI Eurosilo to build a potato starch silo at the Brande, Denmark plant site.

To support the increasing production rates, extra storage capacity for potato starch is needed on top of the existing storage facilities. The additional potato starch storage extends the period that KMC can process potato harvests, which leads to increased production.

Proven concept

Following the successful commissioning of the world’s largest potato starch silo in Karup in 2016, KMC asked ESI Eurosilo to design, assemble and install identical equipment for a newly built silo to be ready at the end of the year.

The input mechanism exists of a screw conveyor with slewing bridge and augers on an auger frame. Reclaiming of the very fine particle material is done by the same auger frame functioning in a reversed direction to a central shutter column. The equipment is designed to handle 60,000t of stored potato starch with an input and output rate of 50 TPH.

Making the deadline

As a result of the tight deadline, we are now in the process of manufacturing the mechanical and electric parts. In the coming weeks, everything needs to be assembled, tested and accepted by KMC. Shipment and delivery at the building site are scheduled for the end of May.

Hoisting the silo equipment into the currently built silo is scheduled in June. ESI project manager Jan-Erik Dijksman said: “The cooperation with KMC runs smooth, so decisions can be made quickly.

“To make the deadline, we partner with reliable subcontractors who are capable to work under time pressure. Our job is to stay on top the project, from design to commissioning.”