RDE has been awarded a contract by Nuclear Power Plant Gösgen-Däniken Switzerland (KKG) to provide a further upgrade of the full-scope simulator with the integration for DCS turbine control TUREG 3, based on Areva’s digital control system TXS. The project will be executed in cooperation with AREVA NP.

The integration of the turbine DCS into the KKG-simulator will be done in two steps. For the first phase of the project a standalone ‘soft panel simulator’ will be provided. After the completion of the first step KKG will be able to conduct up-front operator training for the new DCS prior to commissioning of the nuclear plant equipment. The second step will then be the upgrade and integration into the full-scope simulator. Part of this upgrade is also the enhancement of the simulator software environment and tools in order to allow for further upgrades of other DCS sub-systems.