Thermal Engineering International Inc. (TEi), located in Santa Fe Springs, CA, a subsidiary of Babcock Power Inc., based in Danvers, MA, announced today that Mr. Ken Murakoshi has recently been awarded the International Project Management Association’s (IPMA) Level A status. Mr. Murakoshi is the first successful candidate from the United States to receive this prestigious award. The appraisal process started in January 2009 with a combination of written evaluations, reports, examinations, and a final set of interviews conducted last month.

The IPMA, a Geneva, Switzerland based umbrella organization counts among its members over 50 national PM associations across Europe, Asia, Africa, the Middle East and the Americas. The organization certifies project managers, awards successful project teams and researchers, and provides a number of research and project management publications. The IPMA four level certification programs (Levels D, C, B and A) are both knowledge and competence based and provide standards by which project management performance can be measured. They have over 100,000 certified professionals and academics of which less than 200 have acquired the top Level A status.

TEi’s president, Jon Koenig said “we are very pleased with Ken’s achievement of this important certification as it reflects the ongoing drive for excellence within the TEi organization.”