Supreme & Co now offer in-house tests set up consists of physical, chemical, electrical and vibration testing. Our laboratories are well equipped with modern equipments to carry out all routine, acceptance & type tests on our products in accordance with International Standards & Customers’ Specification. Besides, we are tied up with many ISO/IEC Guide 25 and EN 45001 accredited laboratories for special/critical tests as per International Standards. Details of in-house test set up & arrangement with recognized laboratories are exhibited below for Information.


Equipped with Vertical UTS Machines of 60 Tons & 20 Tons capacity and 10 Meters long versatile horizontal test bed, complete with fixtures and various set up & testing equipment/instrument to carry out the following tests:

  • Tensile Strength (upto 60 Tons)
  • Slip Test
  • Hardness Test
  • Elongation Test
  • Cantilever Test
  • Compression Test
  • Transverse Test
  • Proof Load Test
  • Yield Strength Test
  • Wedge Load Test
  • Head soundness and shear


Equipped with muffle furnace with thermostatic control, Strohlein apparatus, microscope, chemical balance with standard weight box etc. for the following tests:

  • Chemical Analysis for different element for ferrous & non-ferrous alloy
  • Dip Test for uniformity of zinc coating
  • Mass of zinc coating by gravimetric method


Equipped with high voltage transformer 0-12 KV/400 Amps, high current injecting transformer variac control, electrical resistance test set up for the following tests:

  • HV Test
  • Dry and wet tests for flashover and water penetration for insulated LV connectors
  • Heating cycle test on transmission line hardware Fittings upto 400KV.
  • Temperature rise test on transmission line hardware fittings upto 400KV
  • Electrical resistance test on various hardware fittings, connectors and earthing materials


Equipped with an electro-dynamic shaker of 200Kg rated capacity and vibration arrangement having dyno-drive variable speed vibration motor consisting of mechanical shaker and control panel for full span single or bundled conductor, the lab is suitable for following tests:

  • Fatigue test on vibration damper and insulator hardware upto 400KV
  • Damper efficiency test using two major software types
  • The first Software from Rourkee, India finds out the reactance, phase and power dissipated by the damper when it is
    vibrated in a spectrum of frequency using the electro dynamic shaker
  • The second software received from Professor Diana, Italy, incorporates the data received by the first software and gives the efficiency of the damper and its optimum position for maximum advantage
  • Span Vibration Test on Spacer Damper (using span vibration test set up)

Our laboratories include the Central Power Research Institute (CPRI), Bangalore, the Indian Institute of Science (IISc.), Bangalore, the National Test House (NTH), Alipore, Kolkata and the Electronics Regional Test Laboratory (ERTL), Kolkata.