DEKOMTE UK is part of a worldwide privately owned group, specialising in expansion joint technology for power stations. The products are manufactured in the central European productions sites, and delivered to our customers around Europe. DEKOMTE UK is responsible for providing all customer support and installation in the UK. The company has grown from almost nothing in the UK to a current turnover of over £2m. The power station market in the UK has become extremely competitive, but DEKOMTE has succeeded in creating a niche position for it self in the high technology, high cycling demand application of gas turbine power plants. This has brought a position that in a short space in time, we are the leading supplier for the gas turbine sector. The aim now is to continue this success in coal plants and refineries.

An ambition of the foundation of DEKOMTE is to be independent to act flexibly toward the market. This ambition for the growth and increased service capability from the UK company, has been possible, by the purchase of the plot at Cotswold Business village and the building of our facility. Together with Magna Buildings Ltd, we have designed and built a world class facility, incorporating some of the philosophy and image that is defining to DEKOMTE. This will allow production and stock holding for short delivery and emergency repairs, and also the space to increase engineering and project management staff for the UK and overseas.

With the opening of our new building in Moreton-in-marsh, we will continue on the path of developing the UK office as a global hub in the DEKOMTE Group. In 2007 DEKOMTE UK has established two subsidiaries in Singapore and America, and in 2008, there are plans to commence a production facility in Mexico, to support the sales and service in the Americas market.

We currently have a great team in the UK, and this step forward is a real motivation to the future growth of our business.