A global leader in ash handling solutions, United Conveyor Corporation (UCC) has announced the release of the DEPAC® inlet valve as a replacement for the UCC Fläkt dust inlet valve. The UCC DEPAC inlet valve delivers improved sealing performance, extended service life, and greater reliability. The DEPAC inlet valve is for vessel isolation service in high-pressure pneumatic conveying of dry ash and other abrasive materials.

The UCC DEPAC system is a dense phase system designed to convey large quantities of material, up to 200 TPH, over distances of 1,600m (5,200ft). The automated control system maintains constant conveying air mass flow in the pipeline at low velocities, which helps prevent plugging while minimizing abrasion, maintenance, and power consumption.

“With hundreds of installations globally, our DEPAC technology is a proven solution for continuously conveying ash from pulverized-coal boilers, and oil-fired boilers. The upgraded design improvements made to the DEPAC inlet valve significantly reduce valve maintenance resulting in increased system reliability, even in the most demanding and severe-duty applications,” states Dan Charhut, vice president of technology.

The new DEPAC inlet valve incorporates proven cycle and wear life improvements used on other UCC abrasion-resistant valves. These improvement features include a single through bolt disc with a self-adjusting, spring-mounted ball pivot for reliable sealing performance. UCC offers a wide range of disc and seat materials, such as Viton® lined steel, DURITE® and tungsten carbide, to provide optimal wear resistance and service life for specific applications. The spring-loaded packing design maintains uniform pressure during operation to prevent leakage and extend the life of the packing, metal-backed polymer bearing, and shaft. Removable bearing cartridges are easy to service, rebuild and replace, when necessary, and the valve’s access covers allow for simple adjustments and ease of on-site maintenance.

The DEPAC inlet valve is available with rotary vane or air cylinder actuators, and can be specified with a direct mount or a pre-piped standalone solenoid valve, in addition to roller lever type and proximity limit switches. The DEPAC inlet valve ships fully assembled to reduce field assembly time and installation expenses. Retrofit kits are in-stock and available for immediate delivery worldwide to upgrade existing UCC Fläkt dust inlet valves. For more information about the new DEPAC inlet valve, please click here.