Induron Coatings has launched Induratar, a new single-component, moisture-cured coal tar urethane coating fortified with micaceous iron oxide.

Induratar, which can extend the transmission and distribution (T&D) painting season, combines legacy technology with state-of-the-art materials to penetrate and seal rusty galvanized steel on electric transmission tower footings.

It is designed for low temperatures and / or damp conditions, and can be used on both concrete and steel as a replacement for coal tar epoxies (CTEs).

The coating uses moisture to initiate the curing process and will cure at temperatures that are just above freezing. This allows the painting season to be extended in areas that before had to wait for temperatures to increase to apply coatings.

Induratar has numerous advantages. It can be backfilled or put into immersion after four hours at 77°F and is superior to CTEs in weathering, impact resistance, adhesion, and corrosion and heat resistance.

It is reinforced with micaceous iron oxide, providing better edge protection, re-coatability and toughness. In addition, the versatile coating / immersion lining can be used with other MCUs, over marginally cleaned steel for below-grade exposures or with organic zinc-rich primers over blasted steel immersion or atmospheric exposures.

Two coats of Induratar can be used on concrete surfaces for tide zones or as a replacement for CTE in splash, spill or immersion conditions.

Induron president Davies Hood said: "We’re excited to introduce this new product for the T&D industry.

"Even at a 65-year-old industrial paint company like Induron, we are always looking for innovative new ideas and ways to improve upon the products that we offer. Induratar is a great addition to our product line."

Induratar is the most recent Induron coating for the T&D industry, including Induraguard 9200.