From outside you barely see the difference, but on the inside you’ll experience major updates for improved operational and personal safety combined. Benefit further from optimised assembling and increased competitiveness.

CUBIC’s new Plug-in switchboard drawer solution offers the functions of a draw-out system whilst benefiting from the economy of a fixed pattern system.

The new Plug-in is one of the most cost effective systems available on the market.

The new Plug-in is verified according to the EN 61439 series of standards, DEKRA, ASTA, DNV, GL and Russian Maritime Register of Shipping.

With the Plug-in drawer solution you benefit from a vast range of benefits including AO:

  • Highly improved functionality
  • Smooth design
  • Optimised assembling
  • Greater internal dimensions
  • Competitive price
  • Free choice of electrical components

The plug-in drawers have connections on the incoming side that can be disconnected from the distribution busbar without the use of a tool, even if the busbar is live. This fact ensures operational and personnel safety to the same high degree as a draw-out system.

On the outgoing side, conductors are connected to terminals / multi-plugs, either in the drawer or in the cableway, or as a combination of the main circuit connected directly and the aux. circuits connected via terminals / multi-plugs.

The result is a design of high specification, which maintains the function of a draw-out panel and the economy of a fixed pattern solution.

The Plug-in system is available from any worldwide CUBIC Partner. All partners are educated ac-cording to the CUBIC Global Training Programme, which represents the use of CUBIC’s products in accordance with all current documentation.

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