Wood Group GTS (GTS) has entered into a strategic alliance with Pratt & Whitney Power Systems (PWPS) to jointly service the GE Frame 7FA industrial gas turbine aftermarket. Under this alliance GTS has been granted an exclusive ten-year licence for sale and distribution of PWPS manufactured combustion hardware, hot gas path components and high technology repair services. This alliance will enhance GTS’ ability to support power plant owners and operators with long-term maintenance agreements. PWPS will continue to directly sell parts and repair services on a transactional basis. Pratt & Whitney is a United Technologies Corp. company.

There are over 1,000 GE ‘F’ technology gas turbines in operation and 70% of these are 7FA units, making this the single largest services opportunity. Power plant operators facing changing demand, increased regulation and fuel price escalation are sensitive to the economics of gas turbine operation. The alliance between GTS and PWPS brings together two leading service and technology companies with complementary capabilities, delivering a comprehensive maintenance solution focused on lifecycle cost reduction of equipment, deploying advanced technology and engineering depth.

This licence enables GTS to further enhance its long-term service offering for ‘F’ technology machines, adding a comprehensive parts and repair solution to a portfolio including DLN combustion technology, remote monitoring and diagnostics, power augmentation, field service and technical support.

"Our agreement builds on the successful collaboration between GTS and PWPS supporting aero-derivative machines. The ‘F’ technology market demands a comprehensive maintenance solution and through partnership with GTS we are able to meet this need," said Peter Christman, president, Pratt & Whitney Power Systems. "The combination of PWPS’ engineering, new part manufacturing and repair technology and GTS’ service experience and risk management strategies is a compelling proposition."

"We have a track record of service innovation and lowering the cost of ownership for industrial gas turbine operators. Our partnership with PWPS brings together two established and complementary services companies, providing choice and enabling operators to select a maintenance solution that offers the best value for their business," said Mark Papworth, CEO Wood Group GTS. "This package provides a truly ‘independent’ and high-quality solution for ‘F’ technology units to mitigate the technical and commercial risk of turbine operation. We believe our customers will benefit from this agreement and receive greater value."