Ramén has released a white paper entitled ‘Rubber-Lined Ball Sector Valves – a sustainable solution to the challenge of handling abrasive fluids in mining applications’.

The paper describes experiences created in typical mining applications where abrasive media are common and are considered a challenge to manage.

The paper highlights the issue by introducing the reader to three different applications: iron ore dressing plants, zinc ore dressing plants and dressing plants for complex ores (copper, lead and zinc).

Each application is followed by an evaluation of the performance of the installed Rubber-Lined Ball Sector Valve in abrasive media applications.

The experiences and conclusions drawn from this paper can be used in other industries where abrasive media is controlled, for example the pulp and paper, chemical, and power and heat generation industries.

The document is now available to download on www.power-technology.com

To find out more, please visit our company page or website, www.ramen.se.