Atlas Copco Energas was commissioned by Infraserv Hoechst to supply a turbo compressor for the compressor station of the ethylene network in Ransbach.

The gat Middle branch was assigned by Atlas Copco to engineer and to supply the control cabinet, the remote I/O-stations and the electrical distributor.

The engineering takes place directly on the server of Infraserv with the planning tool Aucoplan. For the usual field signals, a highly-available (redundant) S7 400-H control is used.

The field signals are imported via an ET200isp. The safety related signals (SIL1) are processed in an S7 300-F control, which is linked to the S7 400-H. Furthermore, a vibration monitoring system from Bently Nevada as well as a touchpanel are integrated in the control cabinet.

In total, 140 measuring circuits have to be processed. The whole thing is broadcasted to the process control system of Infraserv via ethernet.

The despatch of the cabinet will take place in October.