VJIKKS ENGG POWER is growing from strength to strength by venturing into industries other than the power industry.

Equipped with a team of personnel with strong process knowledge about every system in a conventional fossil fuel fired power plant, including combined cycle gas turbine power plants, VJIKKS ENGG POWER has boldly entered another industry and secured and successfully implemented a project.

Everts (Malaysia) is the only manufacturer of balloons in Malaysia. In the manufacturing process the company uses ball mills to mix titanium dioxide. The lining provided inside the ball mills had worn out so the company approached VJIKKS ENGG POWER for help.

VJIKKS ENGG POWER, whose team is experienced in the design and installation of coal fired power plant and cement plant wear-resistant alumina ceramic liners, took on the job and successfully carried out the ceramic lining.

The ball mills were successfully put back into service and Everts resumed production with the minimum interruption in production schedule.