Tallman Equipment offers DDIN Transformer Slings, which are one of the industry leaders. The company manufactures each sling with Samson Rope. Then, the sling is proof-tested and tagged by a certified rope specialist. Each adjustable sling tag includes a part number, rope diameter, working load limit, serial number and test date.

Tallman Equipment also produces the DNRB6, which sets a new standard for rigging blocks. The block’s double-raced bearings and precision machined parts reduce side-to-side play. With a working load limit of 5,000lb (at a 5:1 design factor), the block is ASME B30-compliant.

Tallman Equipment portfolio also includes M18 FUEL 7/16” Hex Utility High Torque Impact Wrench with One Key Kit. The unit offers fast drilling speed, higher power and is built for maximum control.

The POWERSTATE Brushless Motor with a new mechanism offers linemen a 30% faster drilling speed, increasing your productivity. With up to 750ft-lb maximum torque, the battery-powered impact wrench provides higher power for easier removal of rusted or corroded hardware.

Milwaukee M18 Fuel HACKZALL offers fast cutting and high-power one-handed reciprocating saw. The compact, one-handed design provides superior control and the ability to perform cuts in tight spaces.

Tallman Equipment also offers old block trading service. You can bring us any competitor’s stringing blocks in any condition and you will receive a 30% discount for your purchase of new DDIN Stringing Blocks from Tallman Equipment.

The company also offers dynamometer repair and calibration. Dynamometers are essential tools for sagging powerlines. When they are due for annual calibration, become damaged or are not reading correctly, Tallman Equipment will provide repair and recalibration services.

Tallman can repair both digital and mechanical dynamometers that operate from 500lb to 50,000lb. Tallman is a Dillon-certified repair facility.