Field System Machining Awarded Portable Lathe Compound Project By ReGENco Toshiba

Field System Machining’s portable lathe compound design has once again been deemed to offer the best value
and performance by ReGENCo Toshiba.

“We’re delighted to continue our status as a trusted portable machine tool manufacturer to such a prominent turbine OEM as Toshiba ReGENco,” said Tony Piwowarczyk,
Field System Machining’s business development director. “We value the relationships we’ve developed with
ReGENCo over the past few decades and have been delighted to continue that tradition of service with
ReGENCo and Toshiba International Corporation.”

“We manufactured the first portable lathe compound for ReGENCo Toshiba in 2008, and this second order,
based on the success of the first unit, is for the exact same model,” said Piwowarczyk.

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