Field System Machining On-Site Restoration

Field System Machining repaired this open die forge receiver pocket on-site.

A Plains State forge contacted Field System Machining recently regarding their receiver pockets, which were badly worn and in need of repair. The receiver pockets had been weld repaired over and over to the point that the plant couldn’t weld onto the pockets any longer. Field Systems, a provider of forge machinery repair since the 1970’s, was easily able to fix this thanks to the company’s extensive experience in forge repair, including work on one of the world’s largest counterblow hammer forges.

Field system machining restored the forge receiver block pocket fit-checked the newly manufactured receiver pocket blocks and wear plates.

Field System Machining works all over the world, primarily in the North and Central Western Hemispheres, as well as the South Pacific. When you need an on site machining quote, or industrial machinery repair, call Field System Machining!

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