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Uninterruptible Power Supplies and Diesel Generator Systems

Unit 4, Concorde Close,
Sopwith Park,
Segensworth North,
Hampshire, PO15 5RT Other,
United Kingdom

Unit 4, Concorde Close,
Sopwith Park,
Segensworth North,
Hampshire, PO15 5RT Other,
United Kingdom

Powertecnique is a specialist manufacturer and designer of bespoke modular power systems and custom containerised designs, including uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) and diesel generator systems for critical power applications and harsh environments. We specialise in the design of low and high-voltage solutions rated from 5kVA to 10MVA.

Our experience covers standard and bespoke designs for military, nuclear, finance, healthcare, telecommunications, IT (data centres), retail and utilities applications.

Powertecnique’s comprehensive range of power products and services includes:

  • UPS
  • Generator sets
  • Inverters
  • Associated switchgear
  • Electrical installation
  • Routine maintenance
  • Emergency 24/7/365 response
  • Project management
  • Technical training / support
  • Acoustics
  • Fabrication

Custom prime/standby power systems

Powershelter is a unique, custom prime/standby power system in a modular container. It was designed and developed by Powertecnique to provide essential no-break prime and UPS power to remote applications, and offers a high degree of operational intelligence and reliability that meets demanding UK and US military requirements.

Utilised for all types of power-related applications, including reconstruction, security, disaster support, and oil and gas, its unique approach makes it ideal for use in extreme or adverse environments where power failure is not an option or where there is a need for a fast deployment of both prime and uninterrupted power.

PowerShelter’s technologically advanced design features include:

  • Modular ISO container design of 20ft-40ft
  • Transportable by road, sea or air
  • Generator set(s)
  • UPS
  • Controlling and distribution switchgear
  • HVAC air conditioning
  • Fire suppression
  • Intelligent monitoring communication
  • Short/long-term fuel solutions, via bespoke and internal/external bulk tanks

This unique modular and mobile approach means that the final configurations are endless, and shelters can be configured together to meet larger electrical power demands for permanent or temporary operation as standby or prime power sources, including 11kV solutions and varying fuel sources such as diesel, bio, gas and/or aviation fuel.

Efficient, transformerless UPS

Powertecnique’s efficient, transformerless UPS represent state-of-the-art developments within energy management, offering various operating topologies and configurations. On-line double-conversion ensures your business continuity and provides supplied power that is both conditioned and continuous.

A low-input total harmonic distortion (THDi of 3%) and a high input power factor of up to 0.99 are achievable. Our eco-efficient, transformerless UPS are built for high efficiency of up to 98% using transformerless technology, which significantly decreases the footprint, exceeding the specifications of the European code of conduct on energy efficiency and quality of UPS.

True parallel architecture can increase the system resilience and guarantee the redundancy of the power source while allowing flexibility and modularity. With dynamic dual-bus configurations available the resilience and redundancy can be further increased to suit all requirements.

Adaptive battery management can lengthen the period between battery replacement and disposal programmes and long autonomy times based on customer requirements can be easily achieved.

EU3 engines for gensets

As of 2010 we will be introducing some tier 3 (EU3) engines to our generator sets and by late 2015 we expect to have all our engines up to tier 4, which will mean our engine will comply with the ‘on road’ emission levels.

Open and enclosed generator sets

In our generator portfolio, we have our standard open and enclosed generator sets. The enclosed range has noise levels down to >75dBA at 1m as standard and our bespoke generator sets are generally placed in noise-sensitive areas, so we install a wide range of attenuation and exhaust systems to reduce noise pollution: in some case the noise levels have been reduced to as low as 45dBA at 1m.

Powertecnique has been a prominent supplier of turnkey power solutions to both the UK and international markets for over 18 years and exports its products and services to Europe, Asia, Africa, the US and the Middle East.

Power Tecnique Limited

Unit 4, Concorde Close

Sopwith Park


Segensworth North

Hampshire, PO15 5RT


United Kingdom