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Martin Engineering

Solutions for Bulk Materials Handling

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Established in 1944, Martin Engineering is the leading international developer, manufacturer and supplier of innovations to make the handling of bulk materials cleaner, safer and more productive. Martin offers technologies that boost flow, reduce dust and spillage, extend component life and reduce downtime, resulting in improved operating environments and increased profitability.

Our team of experts from every part of the world work together to produce and manufacture high-quality products that earn the Martin seal of approval. Our service technicians have extensive experience in bulk material handling.

Our product engineers and development teams work side-by-side with our sales and service leaders to share innovative ideas within our global corporate community and help facilitate the development of new products that make bulk material handling cleaner, safer and more productive worldwide. This experience and expertise has made Martin Engineering the leader in bulk material handling solutions.

Cost-effective bulk materials handling services

Martin believes in its employees, with their development having long been a company initiative. Martin believes in empowering staff to make decisions that impact our customer’s experience. By removing the obstacles that slow down the process and inevitable increase cost, we are better equipped to serve the best interest of our customers. Our employees not only take pride in their work, but take ownership in their responsibilities and are deeply committed to providing our customers with a positive experience.

‘Problem Solved’ is not just our tagline, it’s what we do. We strive to truly know our customers and their needs so we can better understand their problem. Then we develop and deliver solutions that work; on time and to budget, backed by our no excuses guarantee. Our ability to genuinely care about fixing problems and creating solutions that save money has helped Martin maintain close relationships with our customers. We care about your problems, and we have the expertise to provide reliable, cost-effective solutions.

Innovative technology for bulk materials management

Never satisfied with simply ‘good enough’, we strive to exceed your expectations by staying ahead of the curve. Using the best technology and constantly streamlining our processes whenever possible helps to reduce costs and provide better products. We are continually developing improved practices for identifying efficiencies that apply globally, whether company-wide or industry-wide.

Reliable and consistent bulk materials handling products

At Martin, we seek to maintain high ethical standards and a culture that values honesty, integrity and transparency. As a company committed to the highest standards of product safety and customer service, Martin is driven by what is right for our customers that use our products, our employees, and the protection of the rights of workers that produce our products. Martin is proud that our products meet all applicable industry safety regulations. Martin has always represented the highest, most consistent quality in the bulk materials handling industry, and we continue to lead the industry in providing safe products that are manufactured by workers in a socially responsible environment.

The Martin Engineering Center for Bulk Materials Handling Innovation

The Martin Engineering Center for Bulk Materials Handling Innovation (CFI) is the company’s home for worldwide research and new product development. CFI is focused on solving problems encountered with the handling of bulk materials and advancing the technologies used in bulk material industries. Projects include basic research, industry education, new product development, analysis of bulk material properties and testing of material handling systems and components under simulated operating conditions.

The facility provides opportunities for Martin to collaborate with customers, associations, universities, and other groups from around the world to develop a better understanding of bulk materials and the problems encountered in industrial processing.

Sustainable bulk materials handling products and technology

At Martin, we believe there’s more to being a leader than producing safe and innovative bulk materials handling products and technology. Our commitment to expand, develop and what we do through innovative solutions is matched only by our passion and dedication to improving the world through responsible, global corporate citizenship. We believe that acting responsibly and giving back provides long-term, sustainable benefits to our communities worldwide, to our employees and to our business. By operating with integrity and transparency, we build and maintain credibility and trust with our employees, customers and community.

Control of dust and spillage in bulk materials

Since it was founded, Martin Engineering has remained unwavering in its mission to provide safe and innovative solutions in bulk materials handling. Central to Martin’s values is the quest to make the industrial-material handling environment cleaner, safer and more productive. For nearly 65 years, we have worked to improve our global environment by controlling dust and spillage in bulk materials handling, ‘going green’ long before it became popular. The control of dust and spillage is not only a science but also an art; Martin Engineering has mastered both.

Martin Engineering is headquartered in Neponset, Illinois, with operation locations in countries such as Australia, Brazil, Canada, Chile, China, Colombia, France, Germany, India, Indonesia, Japan, Mexico, South Africa, Turkey, and the UK.

ApronSeal Double Skirting

The ApronSeal Double Skirting, which has a dual sealing system in a one-piece construction, provides effective sealing on higher speed belts.

Tracker Conveyor Belt Tracking System

The Martin® Tracker Conveyor Belt Tracking System provides immediate, continuous and precision adjustment of wandering conveyor belts. It can reduce edge damage, prevent spillage and extend belt life.

Combination Cradle

The EVO® Combination Cradle has a powerful, adjustable load support, which helps prevent the build-up of dust in the conveyor load zone. It also removes gaps between conveyor belt idlers, to provide an effective sealing surface for skirting.

Slider Cradle

As with the rest of the EVO® Conveyor Architecture, the EVO® Slider Cradle features track-mounted sub-assemblies.

Air Cleaner

The Martin® compact dust collector can be installed above the conveyor transfer to capture airborne dust. It also collects particles in the foam filter, while a reverse pulse returns any dust to the main cargo stream.

Brush Belt Cleaners

The Martin® Brush Belt Cleaners remove fines and residue from ribbed, flighted, grooved or chevron conveyor belts. To meet your needs and budget, different versions are available.

QC1 Cleaner HD

Combining primary belt cleaning performance with a one-pin blade replacement to out-perform competitors, the Martin® QC1 Cleaner HD has a heavy-duty one-piece curved urethane blade.

Secondary Conveyor Belt Cleaner

The Martin® SQC2S secondary conveyor belt cleaner uses individually-cushioned tungsten carbide blades, which pose no risk to the belt, splice or blade.

Replacement Belt Cleaner Blades

A range of replacement belt cleaner blades for belt cleaning systems from any manufacturer are provided by Martin, while colour-coded urethanes can match performance to specific conditions.

Surfactant Dust System

The Martin® Surfactant Dust System applies surfactant agents using a fully automated system to maintain a consistent treatment application, while avoiding waste. The specific details of the surfactant application are determined by the needs of the customer and the environment, with each system custom engineered.

Dust Management: Control, Supression and Filtration

The adverse impact of dust is limited only by the distance it can be carried through the air. Issues for the operation and its employees include the risk of explosion health problems, safety hazards, material loss, increased maintenance requirement equipment damage, regularatory citations and fines and decreased productivity.

Martin Engineering Corporate Profile

Established in 1944, Martin Engineering is the leading international developer, manufacturer and supplier of innovations to make the handling of bulk materials cleaner, safer and more productive.

Transfer Point Products: Contain, Control, Advance

Escape of materials from conveyors is an everyday occurrence. It occurs in the forms of spillage and leakage from transfer points of carry back that adheres to the belt past the discharge point and drops off along the conveyor return.

Lower Churchill Project

The Lower Churchill Project (LCP) is a hydroelectric project being developed on the lower side of the Churchill River in North America.

New Power Generation Solutions Business Unit Focused On Cleaning Pollution Control Systems

A worldwide leader in bulk material handling technology has announced the formation of a new global business unit, which will focus specifically on the powerhouse, and products designed to clean the boiler and all air pollution control components, SCR reactors, heat exchangers, economisers, bag houses, ductwork, ID fans and electrostatic precipitators.

Conveyer Belt Tracking Systems Promote Efficiency and Safety

A global leader in bulk material handling solutions offers a family of responsive conveyor belt tracking systems that mitigate misalignment, rather than correcting it after the fact, even on reversing belts, to promote conveyor efficiency and safety.

Conveyer Belt Tracking Systems Promote Efficiency and Safety

A global leader in bulk material handling solutions offers a family of responsive conveyor belt tracking systems that mitigate misalignment, rather than correcting it after the fact, even on reversing belts, to promote conveyor efficiency and safety.

Martin® PV Cleaner

A global leader in bulk material handling technology has announced a conveyor belt cleaner engineered specifically for the aggregate industry. The Martin® PV Cleaner is a durable, one-piece blade that contains approximately 20% more urethane than comparable primary cleaners, yielding a longer life in challenging service conditions. This aggressive design for gravel applications is able to remove even wet, sticky sand from belts 450mm-1800mm wide.

Martin Engineering Acquires TNJ Industries

In a move designed to strengthen its leadership position in dust control for bulk material handlers, Martin Engineering today announced the acquisition of TNJ Industries, an Arizona-based firm specialising in dust management for crushing and conveying of mined materials. The decision further broadens Martin Engineering's extensive line of dust control products, allowing customers to benefit from an even wider range of components and experience to address fugitive material issues. The terms of the transaction were not disclosed.

Martin® Replaceable Tip Cleaner

In a move designed to reduce landfill waste from worn-out conveyor belt cleaners, while reducing labour time and safety risks associated with blade changeouts, Martin Engineering has announced a new family of replaceable tips to maximise the amount of usable material on each cleaner blade.

EVO® High Speed Roller Cradle

A new high speed impact cradle is designed to reduce roller and frame damage from heavy conveyor loading conditions in mining, coal handling, aggregates and other applications involving dense materials and / or high volumes. The rugged EVO® High Speed Roller Cradle is engineered to withstand brutal operating conditions, reducing roller failures and service requirements. One customer estimates that the new cradles from Martin Engineering paid for themselves in just the first week of service at the company's copper handling facility, due to the savings in maintenance and downtime.

GCC Cement Upgrades Conveyors

A global producer of cement, ready-mixed concrete, aggregates and related products has completed a significant upgrade to its bulk material handling conveyors, helping the company eliminate waste and reduce maintenance, while minimising potential risks from airborne dust and fugitive material build-up. By avoiding accumulations that required cleanup, the company is also reducing the need for maintenance personnel to work in close proximity to fast-moving conveyors, helping further diminish the chance of accident or injury.

Conveyor Upgrades Reduce Coal Spillage

One of South Africa's oldest and most respected manufacturers of synthetic fuels, lubricants and chemicals is specifying high-performance idler frames and skirt seals on its coal conveyors, helping the company prevent spillage and small particles from escaping the material flow.

Combination Cradle Absorbs Impacts in Conveyor Loading Zones

An innovative impact cradle design is helping bulk material handlers protect conveyor belts and structures from falling material in loading zones, reducing equipment damage and downtime while stabilizing the belt line to prevent dust and spillage.

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