• KSM's test laboratories feature a versatile range of equipment.
  • PHOENIX's silencers are engineered and built to ISO and International Standards (ASME, ANSI, ASHRAE)
  • Marine Silencers in any range
  • Forced draft fan silencers for 800MW ultra super-critical power plant units
  • PHOENIX is a leading manufacturer of industrial splitter, vent and exhaust silencers.
  • PHOENIX vent silencers for pressure relief / safety valve efficiently engineered for the most arduous occasions.
  • In pressurised applications PHOENIX designs and manufactures high grade silencers with International Standards (ASME VIII) compliance
  • PHOENIX offers a virtually infinite range of custom-built silencers to meet your needs
  • Exhaust silencers in any range; here Ø 2200 x 6000 for 6,000kWe diesel engine