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Wood Group Wins First Advanced Group ‘F’ Technology

Wood Group Integrated Plant Solutions, Inc. (“WG IPS”), part of the Gas Turbine Services Division of John Wood Group PLC (2Wood Group”), has been awarded a long-term gas turbine maintenance contract for a 565MW facility owned and operated by Interstate Power and Light Company (“IPL”), a wholly-owned subsidiary of Alliant Energy Corporation.

The contract, which is effective immediately, involves the provision of packaged maintenance services over two maintenance cycles, including component repair, spare parts supply, onsite services and technical risk management, for two General Electric Frame 7FA+e gas turbines operated at IPL’s Emery Generating Station in Clear Lake, Iowa, USA. This is WG IPS’ first 7FA contract.

“Bringing Wood Group’s flexible contract terms and value-added contractual services to the customer’s advanced ‘F’ technology gas turbines demonstrates our continued ability to offer cost-effective maintenance solutions across a very broad range of turbine models,” said Mitch Robinson, Vice President of WG IPS. “Alliant’s requirement for a flexible solution, including field service expertise, was key to structuring this agreement. We are able to leverage the excellent relationship that already exists between Alliant and Wood Group to offer the client an integrated and more comprehensive scope of service.”

Tim Bennington, Vice President, Generation at Alliant Energy, said: “We are pleased to award this contract to Wood Group. This agreement provides reliability to our customers, availability within our fleet, and flexibility to provide an efficient, cost-effective maintenance solution for our assets.”

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