Wood Group Gas Turbine Services Signs Six-Year Term Maintenance Agreement With WVK Freiburg - Power Technology | Energy News and Market Analysis
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Wood Group Gas Turbine Services Signs Six-Year Term Maintenance Agreement With WVK Freiburg

The gas turbine services division (GTS) of international energy services company John Wood Group (Wood Group) has signed a term maintenance agreement with WVK Freiburg to provide capital parts, repairs and field service for a general electric frame 6B gas turbine generator package located at a combined heat and power facility in Freiburg, Germany.

The contract follows on from a previous six-year agreement between Wood Group GTS and WVK Freiburg. It represents a strengthening of the long-term relationship between the two companies and establishes Wood Group GTS as a preferred term maintenance service provider in Germany.

Wood Group GTS and WVK Freiburg have worked closely to develop a unique long-term solution focused on aligning each company’s goals to maintain maximum availability for the facility. Contractual flexibility, a strong, established relationship and an excellent track record were all key elements in Wood Group GTS’s ability to negotiate and come to a final agreement with WVK Freiburg.

Torsten Jung, plant manager of WVK Freiburg, said: “Wood Group GTS have proven themselves to be a dependable service provider throughout our previous contract. They are highly qualified and we look forward to continuing to work with them and fostering a strong partnership.”

Mark Papworth, CEO of Wood Group GTS, said: “Wood Group GTS’s continued ability to extend contracts with existing customers illustrates our ability to provide industry-leading levels of service, quality and responsiveness to meet business needs. With WVK Freiburg, as with all our customers, we look forward to meeting and exceeding the expectations set forth in our contract.”

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