Wood Group GTS Completes $800,000 two x 73MW Generator Control System Upgrades - Power Technology | Energy News and Market Analysis
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Wood Group GTS Completes $800,000 two x 73MW Generator Control System Upgrades

Wood Group GTS has completed a $800,000 contract under Genesys Control, their main automation contractor, upgrading two MHI 73MW steam turbine generators as part of a major automation migration effort of the Electroguayas, Gonzalo Zevallos power generation plant in Guayaquil, Ecuador.

Wood Group GTS has updated the turbine / generator control systems and associated human machine interface (HMI), and upgraded the vintage mechanical steam governor / actuation system with an all-electric actuation system for steam control. In addition, the control system was designed to the SIL II safety integrity level, providing enhanced equipment safety as well as improved plant availability and reliability.

"These control system upgrades have improved the operational flexibility and reliability of our power plant and enabled us to monitor all of our critical control system parameters," said Carlos Julio Balda, BU manager of Electroguayas.

"We highly value Wood Group´s professionalism and commitment shown on every project we have encountered together. Our mutual willingness to create team leadership throughout project execution is the dynamo that guarantees our success" said Alberto Santos, CEO of Genesys SA.

Wood Group GTS previously worked with Genesys to update a Pratt & Whitney FT4 Power Pac 29MW combustion turbine generator , at the same power plant in Ecuador.

Frank Avery, president of Wood Group GTS, said: "We are pleased to have worked with Genesys on a second upgrade project. From extending the life cycle of existing control systems to complete turnkey turbine controls upgrades, we can provide a suite of upgrade services tailored to meet the specific needs of our customers globally. Our goal is to optimise the performance of our customer’s investment in power generation technology."

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