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GTC Releases HMI and I-Dos Replacement-In-Kind Solutions

GTC’s has released new HMI & I-Dos replacement-in-kind products and services.

We respect the existing hardware configuration of your GE* Mark V <I> and Mark VI HMI, making it “plug and play” instead of “plug and pray.”

Read on to discover the benefits of our latest offerings.

What are the benefits of GTC’s replacement-in-kind (RIK) products?

Our goal is to help you avoid a costly upgrade, and give your trustworthy <I> or HMI another 15+ years of life. Or if you need a plan B, you can mitigate the risk of downtime with a backup device.

GTC built our RIK products with improved industrial grade components versus the OEMs, and added our standard 24-month warranty (while making a four or six year warranty available).

We use SSD as our standard supply for <I> or HMI, because it’s more reliable and durable than the mechanical HDD.

Want the same result for half the price?

Send us your <I> or HMI for refurbishment or repair. Our replacement components match the original specification to ensure you get the compatibility you need. Every CPU is tested before shipment at our Hawthorne, NY Service Center, and ensuring performance every time.

Want to learn more about how our HMI and <I> products can help you extend the life of your controls systems? Please contact the company via the enquiry form on this page.

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